Six Sentence Stories - Try It!

During the course of sharing my six-sentence story posts for the A to Z Challenge in April, I had a few inquiries about where the concept came from...  
In 2013 a friend and I talked about how much we enjoyed writing very short stories, but we weren't exactly thrilled with the lack of community at the blog hop where we'd been participating. With her encouragement, I began the weekly Six Sentence Stories writing prompt,  and it met with a good response. I continued with it for about nine months, until work and life necessitated me putting it on hiatus. 
In 2015, my dear friend Zoe, asked if she could revive Six Sentence Stories on her blog, Uncharted, and I was delighted. It met with wonderful success! Since then she's been posting a cue word for the coming week each Sunday afternoon, and the link-up goes live in a new post early Thursday morning. 
Zoe's instructions are to "write a masterpiece of 6 sentences, any genre using the cue any way you like."  I have to admit that some of us are masters at implementing the run-on sentence to comply with the six sentence limit, and no one really cares. :-)  We do it more for fun than for great literary merit, and comments are in that frame of mind, rather than critiques. 
The link-up stays open for a week, so you have plenty of  time to add your story if you're not ready by Thursday, although the sooner you link it up, the more likely you are to have several of the other participants come and check out your post. Please remember to add a link back to Six Sentence Stories in your post, too
We have a diverse bunch of regulars at Six Sentence Stories who always welcome new bloggers that come to share their stories. We encourage everyone to read and comment on as many of the linked-up stories as possible, that's what makes it fun. If you drop by Zoe's blog you can read stories from previous link-ups and perhaps be inspired to try writing one of your own. You'll recognize some of the same friendly folks there that you've been following during the A-Z Challenge.
This week's Six Sentence Stories cue word is "chicken", and I'd love to see you come and join us! Zoe will have the new post for it up Wednesday evening, and the link up will open after Midnight EDT.
 I'm joining Zoe at "Uncharted"
where the cue this week is "chicken"


  1. It's fun to write this way, and it doesn't hurt a bit!

    1. You're right, Mimi! It's really not a painful process, it's a quick exercise. I like it because it helps me work on brevity, which everyone knows is not exactly my strong suit! ;-)

  2. Josie,

    This sounds like a fun meme to join. Maybe if I figure out how to incorporate it into my already jammed schedule then I can get in on the action. I really need the encouragement to push myself in creative writing which I allowed to slip by the way. Thanks for the invitation. Let me think about it and see what I can do.

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    #WW A Single Cardinal

    1. Awesome, Cathy! There is no problem with combining it with other prompts, and we'd love to have you join us. Writing fiction is relatively new to me, and I discovered that it's really fun!

  3. Thanks for introducing Six Sentence Stories , Josie . I think its a wonderfully creative project . Appreciate the way you inspire.

    1. You're welcome, Moon! After reading your A to Z stories, I know you could do well with this! And being vegetarian, I suspect the chicken will be kind to you! ;-) I'll be watching for your story tomorrow! XOXO


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