Thankful Times Ten

Ten Things of Thankful

No, this isn't my "T post" for the A to Z Challenge; my tale "Circle of Hope" will continue tomorrow as scheduled. Since today is a free day in the A-Z, I wanted to take a moment to share another blog that I manage, a place where bloggers come each weekend to link up posts sharing the things they are thankful for in their lives, either from the week or in general. 

Although it's called Ten Things of Thankful, the rules on that are flexible, we don't want anyone to feel they can't participate because they can't come up with ten things to share.  However, I know from personal experience that once you get started, it's easier than you think to identify the positives in your life.  It's not all about the big events, the small things we experience day to day sometimes affect our lives far more profoundly... for example the blessings of having clean water, food, and shelter.  When we begin to focus our lives on what we have to be thankful for it helps redirect our minds from the struggles and negatives we sometimes experience that too easily pull us down and steal our joy.

The Ten Things of Thankful link-up goes live just after midnight each Thursday night, and stays open until 11 PM the following Tuesday night, so there is plenty of time to write a post and link it. You don't need a fancy format, you don't even need to number your items, you just need to show up and share!  Everyone is welcome, and I promise you'll notice the difference when you begin to look for reasons to be thankful in your life.  I firmly believe that, no matter what, "there is always, always something to be thankful for!" 

Why don't you give Ten Things of Thankful a try, we'd love to have you join us!  Stop by and read what some of the other TToT bloggers have shared so far this weekend, it will definitely  encourage you, and you'll find yourself smiling before long!

Thank you!
Josie Two Shoes


  1. I'll check out your Thankful blog. What a great idea! I agree with you. Once I start counting my blessings, it's hard to be ungrateful, envious or grumpy. I'd like to join - I just need to make sure it's a commitment I can keep. I'm thankful for you today, and your writing. It cheers me up. Have a great week on the rest of the A to Z challenge.

    1. Diane, several of our members are unable to share a post every week, it's not a mandatory thing, we are just happy to see you showing up whenever you are able to fit it in. We understand that life is busy, no commitment required!


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