H is for Heather

A to Z Theme - Circle of Hope:
A serial story (written in six-sentence segments) involving twenty-six women living in the small Midwest town of Cottonwood Creek, their lives connected by the Women's Circle of the town's protestant church, Hope Christian Fellowship, to which they all belong.

Heather, 20, is Grace's daughter and a college student studying to be a teacher. She is living at home this semester while she does her practice teaching at Cottonwood Creek Elementary School.

Heather walked in as Erica was visiting with Grace, and overheard her complaint about being replaced as director or the Children's Christmas Program.  Always one to think positively and encourage others, Heather said "But you know, Erica, they've been doing the same songs for the Christmas Choir Concert every year for as long as I can remember, and you are so creative that I think you'd be the perfect one to initiate some changes, come up with something new and wonderful!"

Grace gave Heather a smile and a nod of thanks while Erica pondered this possibility. "Well... maybe, " she said, "but Fran should have given me a choice rather than just turn the Christmas Program over to Alyssa, who's only been back in town for a few months, without even asking me first!"
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  1. Who wouldn't love the positivity in Heather! She is really wise for her age with great leadership skills!Lovely story.

  2. Erica's right, Fran should have talked to her first to at least explain why she was doing it.
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  3. I think Heather is cut out to be a teacher.

  4. My hope is Heather has given her enough food for thought she will calm down.

  5. Good for Heather! I'll enjoy re-reading this when the alphabet is completed!
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    “>H is for Huey Lewis</a>

  6. Erica does have a point. I had a boss who would announce staff changes in a group meeting without even discussing them with the employee beforehand. This caused a lot of hard feelings and embarrassment. Heather is a sweetie; she'll be a great teacher if she can see the positive in every situation.

  7. Sounds like Heather will be a good teacher. =)

  8. Sounds like Heather has learned some lessons from her mother. It does sound like Erica is losing the heat of her anger after Heather's comment.

  9. She's got some wisdom despite her tender years! I bet that will serve her well in life.


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