C is for Carol

A to Z Theme - Circle of Hope:
A serial story (written in six-sentence segments) involving twenty-six women living in the small Midwest town of Cottonwood Creek, their lives connected by the Women's Circle of the town's protestant church, Hope Christian Fellowship, to which they all belong.

Carol, 55, has been a nurse for the local clinic for almost thirty years; she has watched babies born, children grow up and marry, and elders die. She had been there in times of community celebration and times of community tragedy like the tornado that passed through a few years back destroying a daycare center and leaving four children dead. 

Despite small towns having a reputation for being places where gossip thrives, Carol knows the importance of keeping patient information confidential, and has stood by Belle in her decision not to tell people about her terminal illness until it progresses to the point that it will be obvious. Belle wants her life to remain "normal" for as long as is possible, and Carol will fiercely defend Belle's right to make that choice. She remembers all too well about what happens when people begin to talk about you instead of with you; her son Landon committed suicide when he was only seventeen due to town gossip that led to harassment about his perceived sexual identity.

Belle feels incredibly blessed to have Carol as an understanding friend.

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  1. I guess you read my mind before I even read it. Gossip, yes. I see it is Belle who is ill and doesn't have much time on this earth and is doing good deeds before she passes on. I like the people I've met so far in Cotton Creek.

  2. It sounds like the world could do with more people like Carol... keeping your mouth shut is a rare skill.

  3. I would feel very blessed to have Carol as a friend, too. :)

  4. Lovely lady that Carol is! I am now going to read your first two posts! Loved this one!

  5. Sounds like a book my daughter would read.

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  6. So much positivity and hope in your posts, Josie. its my daily dose of positivity!
    Best wishes,

  7. I was confused after yesterday's story. When you said "Norma went to bed with a smile on her face.." I thought it was Norma who was dying. Now I see it is Belle. Good one. Can't believe these are only six sentences long!

  8. You tell a lot in six sentences. Carol is a kind and wise woman.

  9. Knowing someone who will keep your confidences is a huge blessing.

  10. I love these stories. They are so fleshed out for only 6 sentences.

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  11. Oh dear, best keep clear Dapper Dan in Amble Bay then! My story revolves around his gossiping ways today!

    Meet Amble Bay's Dapper Dan!

  12. Carol learned first hand what can be a serious negative to life in a small town.

  13. Loving how these women all support and uplift one another.


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