Gina's Last Show

Gina loved being a dancer at the Roaring Twenties Club; she adored the glamour of the period, and the carefree atmosphere that existed. Entering the club from a side door, she'd sashay across the floor, her beautiful form stepping lightly, the long fringes of her dress swaying with every move, knowing full well that she was capturing the attention of every gentleman in the place, including Mac, the bartender.  Twenty years older than her and married, Mac couldn't keep his eyes off Gina, or his thoughts on his wife at home.  One night Gina stayed after hours to help Mac clean up the place and one thing led to another.  Gina returned to work the following night as scheduled, her eyes flashing with excitement, and was shattered to find a job termination notice on her dressing room table with a single line penned by Mac across the bottom stating that it wasn't working out.  
This was written for In Other Words where Patricia has asked us to  
write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word sashay:
  verb - walk in a way to make people notice you, strut, flounce
a sequence of sideways steps in a circle in square dancing
a journey that is taken for pleasure



  1. There are consequences to everything, which is why choices need to be made carefully and not in the heat of the moment.


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