Thankful Thoughts - January 15, 2017

I am thankful for the fun of sharing a little friendly sports team competition with family. Papa Bear is of course a fan of both Texas football teams - the Cowboys and the Texans.  My son has always been a Patriots fan.  My sister's family and my niece in the Midwest are Vikings fans.  There is a lot of friendly text banter going back and forth on game days.  After the Cowboy's defeat tonight, only the Patriots are still contenders for the Super Bowl, so we'll all be cheering for them in their game against the Steelers next weekend.


  1. Good luck to the Patriots, and i'm glad you keep the rivalries friendly!

    1. I would be happy if they won only because it would make my son happy. I am not really a sports fan or follower. It gives us something to talk about on the weekends, all in good fun, it never gets serious. Taking professional sports seriously is absurd to me, as is the amount of money those players earn. I am always thinking of all the ways it could be used to help people instead!


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