A Real Turkey

By her account the boss was a turkey
Though details still remain somewhat murky
She claimed he was missing his spine
His flunky took charge all the time
But the flunky was nasty and quirky
This was written for In Other Words where Patricia has asked us to  
write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word turkey:
noun; large bird, the flesh of the bird used for food
slang; unsuccessful theatrical production,
person or thing of little appeal, dud, loser


What Do You Want?

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Best Idea Ever

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Best corporate promotion ever...


Secrets of the Old Farmhouse - Part III

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Uncle Jake told Jill that his grandmother Naomi often claimed she could hear Joseph crying in his room at night long after he had passed, and it wasn't unusual for his grandfather to find her asleep in the old rocking chair in that little room come morning.
Jill started thinking about what she had experienced in the little bedroom in connection with what she had learned about Joseph, and she came up with a plan that her husband Seth agreed to help with.
They put a small daybed in the room, covering it with one of the quilts her great-grandmother had made, and adding an old teddy bear they found in the attic.  Jill placed a rocking chair next to the window that overlooked the grove of trees her great-grandmother had began from transplants she brought with her from her native state of  Minnesota when she married Jill's great-grandfather, and set the old family Bible on a small table next to the rocking chair. 
As Jill was setting up the room she found herself addressing the spirits of Joseph and his mother Catherine, and her great-grandmother Naomi, telling them she loved them and that they would always be welcome at the old farmhouse which had been their home so long ago.  
From that time forward, Jill often heard the rocker creaking at night, and sometimes found the teddy bear tucked under the quilt, or the window open during the day; at times she was certain that she could hear the soft voice of an old woman crooning lullabies to a child.
(To be continued) 
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I Am Grateful

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Secrets of the Old Farmhouse - Part II

 With Uncle Jake being the only other surviving member of Jill's family, she turned to him to solve the mystery of the side-by-side graves in the family cemetery, the larger one which bore the inscription "Catherine 1907-1923", and the smaller one "Joseph 1923-1926." 
"My Aunt Catherine was just 15 when she turned up pregnant by a neighbor boy," Uncle Jake explained, "and my grandfather was furious, so he sent her up North to stay with relatives until she had the baby and it could be put up for adoption.  Tragically, she died in childbirth and her body was returned home for burial." 
"My grandmother Naomi was so grief-stricken that my grandfather agreed to let her keep Catherine's son," continued Uncle Jake.  "They named him Joseph, and he soon became the light of their eyes; he slept in that small room you asked me about." 
Then, when Joseph was three years old, he got terribly sick with pneumonia, and despite the doctor stopping by daily and his grandmother keeping vigil at night, he died in the early Spring and was buried beside his mother.
(To be continued) 

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Low Points

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Old Friends
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Time slipped away as they sipped their latte
Reliving old memories, sharing the day
They knew all too soon life would tear them apart
Just one would remain, with a hole in her heart

This was written for In Other Words where Patricia has asked us to  
write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word:
 latte - noun;  coffee made with hot milk


Start A New Page

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Secrets of the Old Farmhouse - Part I

Jill had been in love with her grandparent's farmhouse since the first time she visited them as a little girl, and she could hardly believe that it now belonged to her and Seth; with a little paint and a new roof it was ready for them to move in.
Her Uncle Jake has warned them that the old house was drafty in the wintertime, hot and dusty in the summertime, and prone to the electrical problems, creaking floors, and squeaking doors that come with an old house, but he hadn't mentioned anything about the small room off the master bedroom and how you could sometimes feel a cold draft there even in the middle of a hot summer day.
The first time Jill noticed it she was in the kitchen cooking and thought she heard a small child crying; knowing she had to be imagining it, she walked through the house until she reached the small room and discovered the window wide open and the air icy cold, but the sound of crying had stopped. It happened at night too, sometimes waking Seth, and even latching the window didn't prevent it from being found open.
The puzzle pieces began to take shape when Uncle Jake told them that the room had originally served as a bedroom for the smallest children, with the older ones sleeping upstairs.  Then, as they walked through the family cemetery one afternoon, Jill and Seth discovered the graves of a young woman and a three year old boy that no one in the family had ever talked about. 
(To be continued - read more of this story here)
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Find Your Joy

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She grew weary of having it pointed out to her
that she didn't measure up, didn't think or act correctly,
weary of the denials and the disguise which fooled so many...
or perhaps she alone was the target for some insidious reason
At any rate she was done with it as blood flowed from her wounds
This was written for In Other Words where Patricia has asked us to  
write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word weary 


Try It!

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Friendly Fill-Ins: Week 26

Annie at McGuffy's Reader and Ellen at 15andmeowing are co-hosting a weekly meme called Friendly Fill-In'sAll you have to do to participate is complete the statements and link your post up here

Here are the this week's statements:

1. Peace __________________.
2. I need to __________________, but I keep procrastinating.
3.  A friend is  _________________.
4.   I _______________ try to _______________.

Here are my answers:
1. Peace happens when we realize that we are all connected, all family, and treat each other with compassion and respect despite our differences.

2. I (we) need to finish cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing our store rooms, but I keep procrastinating.  We have a lot of  boxes of "stuff", and it's a big job.  I will feel good when it's finally done!

3.  A friend is someone that is easy to share with and fun to be with, someone who doesn't judge you or try to change you, and makes you feel good about yourself.

4.   I always try to encourage others.  If you can't think of anything nice to say maybe you need an attitude adjustment! :-)



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Blogging For Peace

Please join with bloggers around the world 
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Tomorrow - November 4th
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Where the Fault Lies

Yesterday I wrote the typical "it's his fault, but he blames her" story to share, then I woke up thinking about the fact that we all know someone who blames others for everything that goes wrong in their life.  We know the couples that constantly find fault with each other, and the parents and the children who blame each other for all the problems in their relationship.
Besides being miserable for outsiders to listen to, the continual picking-at, fault-finding, finger-pointing, and blame-assigning is so destructive to all involved; feelings of anger, frustration, resentment, defeat, and failure pile up and eventually destroy any hope of salvaging the situation.
Deciding with whom the fault lies is a waste of time and energy; the solution is so obvious that it's often overlooked... when something goes wrong, work together to fix the problem, instead of rushing to fix the blame.
Additionally, if hurt and misunderstanding come between you, follow Papa Bear's advice to newlyweds and be the first to say you're sorry, even if you aren't sure you were in the wrong.  Being right isn't always most important, nurturing the relationship you share is.

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