A Real Turkey

By her account the boss was a turkey
Though details still remain somewhat murky
She claimed he was missing his spine
His flunky took charge all the time
But the flunky was nasty and quirky
This was written for In Other Words where Patricia has asked us to  
write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word turkey:
noun; large bird, the flesh of the bird used for food
slang; unsuccessful theatrical production,
person or thing of little appeal, dud, loser



  1. There are a few offices run that way. Well done!

    1. Sadly, probably more than a few, Mimi, but it never works out well. The boss needs to be a true leader for a company to be successful, or else have a really good collection of subordinates doing that job for him.

  2. Takes me back to a certain office I worked in - and no, I wasn't the turkey! At least I don't think so!

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    1. It's a reminder of a place where I once worked. It was a very frustrating situation because it was so mired down in the politics of personal favor. I doubt you were the turkey in question, that doesn't fit with your personality as we see it thru your writings!

  3. Oh, you gave me a great big laugh. Very clever...were you writing from experience? Thank you for sharing with In Other Words.😺

    1. Yes, this was a tale of a job now long past that used to frustrate me to tears. The boss had no desire to accomplish great things or to ensure that good things happened. The person he allowed to run things made life miserable for me and many others. Such a waste.


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