Passing Seasons

When Caroline's grandmother was given the cast-iron frying pan as a wedding gift, she seasoned it in the campfire as they began their journey west in a covered wagon to stake a claim on free land in Dakota.  She passed it down to Caroline's mother as a house-warming gift when she grew up and married, along with a crazy quilt she'd made from sewing scraps. When Caroline's mother died, she was buried in the well-worn quilt just as she had wanted, and the cast-iron frying pan became Caroline's. 

Now Caroline smiled as she cleaned it for the last time, remembering the time when she was small and her mother has wielded it as a weapon to hammer home a point when her father came home drunk one night, and he had never committed that offense again. 

That was a long time ago, and Caroline's son was coming the next day to move her into a nursing home where she would have the care she needed.  She patted the old frying pan lovingly and thought to herself, "My granddaughter is going to love this."
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  1. As the granddaughter who uses her grandmother's cast iron still, i love this story!

  2. Nice double take - the seasons of life and a seasoned pan! This made me tear up a little.

  3. Great way to go on this word! My cast iron is over 100 years old.

  4. If only the pan could speak - what stories it could tell! What a lovely story.

    My 6SS - Life's Seasons

  5. A beautiful tale of the generations and seasons of life. I can vividly picture the very first owner of the pan setting out to begin a new life on the frontier, and the seasoning of her life and the generations to come. Really wonderful.

  6. very nice story.*

    *visual still strong on 'hammer home a point' lol


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