Let Yourself Be Drawn

Thought for the Day:



  1. I love the artwork with this quote, but alas, I'm won't have much time to follow it's advice. Time to put nose to grindstone and get some necessary chores out of the way.

  2. Alas, what i really love won't pay the bills.

  3. Nice quote from Rumi. Experimental comment from Stella at WP...

    1. Yes, you found a way to comment! :-) Many of Rumi's writings resonate with me.

  4. Yep...that is what we are working on. I posted "our" song for Bill. Today is his birthday.

  5. So very true. So many are commenting - but it won't pay the bills - thing is you have to think of what else this means. All those darn chores at home versus that couch with that dog with those sad puppy eyes calling to you begging you to just take a load off...what about that book you've been meaning to read...or that walk...or coffee with a friend...all those good things that fill your heart with happy and love. It doesn't have to fill your bank account or take away from it - it's supposed to fill you. Love this.

  6. I think it is really sad that the value of our lives has been handcuffed by the concept of how much money we earn. Everything we do in a day added up in little columns of Worthwhile, or Time Wasted. No no no, anytime you are doing something you love; it's never a waste of time!


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