Friendly Fill-Ins: Week 23

Annie at McGuffy's Reader and Ellen at 15andmeowing are co-hosting a weekly meme called Friendly Fill-In'sAll you have to do to participate is complete the statements and link your post up hereThis is a fun way to get to know each other a little better!

Here are the this week's statements:

1. It's good to have a spare  __________________.

2. I don't understand why  __________________ is/are so popular..

3.  The spookiest thing that ever happened to me was ___________________.

4.  My favorite Halloween tale is  ___________________.

Here are my answers:
1. It's good to have a spare cellphone charger in your purse and car.  My phone battery always tends to be low just when you really want or need it!  Now I have a powerful pocket charger too, and I love it!

2. I don't understand why using the "f-word" on Facebook is so popular.  To me is shows a lack of adequate communication skills.

3.  The spookiest thing that ever happened to me was being involved with someone who practiced the occult arts.  Very scary, NOT a game. Not something I want anywhere near my life ever again! 

4.  My favorite Halloween tale is... I can't think of one.  I don't enjoy scary books or movies.



  1. Keep me away from the occult, too! It's not worth it. You're right about batteries going south just when you need them most, a spare charger is a must.

    1. You are right about both of these, Mimi, life lessons learned!

  2. I have a Moonstone charger that I keep in my purse - it is awesome. I can charge my laptop AND my phone once if necessary. They are very handy indeed. I get the use of curse words - I don't know if it's my Irish heritage or the fact that I worked in a male prison, but I don't necessarily equate it with lack on intelligence. It's more like a code for some people, I guess that's the best way I can think of to describe it. But I certainly can't stand talking to someone who is using it every 3rd word. Like okay, you dropped something heavy on your foot and it came out -- but it's not an adjective for goodness sakes!

    1. I love my new pocket charger too, powerful enough to charge my phone three times, so I never have to worry and am not constantly plugging it in for refills.

      I don't have a problem with the occasional curse word tossed out, I admit that I might mutter one or two now and then. I have a problem with people who must punctuate every sentence that way or use it as part of their ID on Facebook or wherever. I think there are more creative and appropriate ways to share things in writing!


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