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    1. I think so too, we tend to overlook all the amazing little things and big things in our lives that really aren't just coincidence or fate. I think we need to practice paying better attention!

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    1. I love Hans Christian Andersen and read all of his children's stories when I was a child. I had his books, perhaps not surprisingly.

      Bill says one thing he always has loved about me is how I notice and "make a big deal about" the little things, like spider webs, the feet on a butterfly, the whiskers on kittens, how feathers are attached to birds, how birch bark peels off, but other barks don't...yeah, I am a dork.

      One friend asked if I always think "this way". Yeah, I do. Perhaps when you have a traumatic childhood (of which Hans was one of my saviours), you learn to notice these "small" miracles. I did...and I do.

    2. I don't see that as being a dork at all! I think it takes a special heart to notice all the little things that make our world so amazing! I am sure that your childhood can be credited for helping you to develop into the sensitive, aware person that you are. (That's about the only good thing we can give it credit for, but still it was worth it because you've turned out to be one of the best, always focused on trying to do the right thing! I think you were taught well about what kind of person you surely did not want to grow up to be! XOXO


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