What I Can't Live Without

What can't I live without?  That's the question Ivy is asking for Day 8 of her 30 Day Art Challenge.  The first answer that came to mind was my cellphone.  The ability to reach anyone at anytime, anywhere, and to be able to research information about any topic in seconds has changed our lives completely. I would be hard-pressed to give up my phone.  But of course I could live without it, it just wouldn't be very much fun.
My next response is far more serious - Papa Bear, I can't even fathom what it would be like to live without him.  I don't want to consider it and I hope I never have to experience it. He has changed my life completely, and without him my life would be so different and I would feel so very all alone. But we know that in reality partners depart this world every day, it could happen to any one of us, and despite my desire not to, I would have to find a way to life without him.  I would, because I am a survivor, but I would hurt.
Okay then, what is really, truly ESSENTIAL for life, as I see it?  Nothing in the way of possessions or even people. I read once that "nothing lasts except the grace of God", and in some ways I tend to believe that.  But there has to be something to give meaning to life, to give us a reason to carry on despite our losses.  There are three answers as provided in the Bible - faith, hope, and love. I have existed at times in the past without believing in any of these, and I can assure you those were dark times indeed. 
Faith is essential to me, it gives me belief and direction, and is the basis of all hope for getting through the hard times and for better days to come.  If we have nothing to believe in and nothing to hope for, we might as well just give up now. 
Then there is the nicest one of all - Love. It has been proven time and time again that children do not thrive without love, and this is true of adults as well.  There are many kinds of love, and many sources, but in order for life to feel like it's worth living, we need the awareness of love. 
On that note, sometimes we feel like no one loves us and we struggle through life accordingly. But I want you to know what I know - God loves us!  He has loved us from the time that he created us and will love us for all eternity.  If you aren't feeling that love, it is you who aren't reaching your hands up for it, I assure you his arms are reaching down to hold you.
I know for a fact that I could not live with out faith, hope, and love - life would have no meaning and my spirit would surely turn to dust. Let's encourage each other to find these things for their lives too.
"And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love."
                                                                                                   - I Corinthians 13:13                    
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  1. You have beautifully captured the essentials.

  2. Excellent post. I can't live without my hubby, Mom and kitties.

    1. Those would all be really hard to live without. I think about that often and how my life would change without Papa Bear.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, I really believe it all comes down to this. There are many things/people we think we can't live without, and wouldn't want to, but in reality we would survive, because there is no other choice. But without these three things the rest becomes meaningless.

  4. Essential. Beautiful writing. Thanks. This actually rejuvenated me a little this morning

    1. Thank you, Zoë! If we can hold tight to these things we just might make it through the storms of life. XOXO


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