Journal Notes 7/10/16

A heartfelt thank you to each of  you who have responded so positively to my "Thought for the Day" posts!  I don't post them as a lecture series, but rather as reminders to myself.  It makes me smile when someone can relate to an issue that I'm dealing with, I think many of us are trying to achieve the same goals in how we approach life.  It's also pretty much the best I can do right now in the way of posting; creativity and commenting seem to be taking a break in my present distracted state.

These past couple weeks have been a real test of  practicing what I post.  We are literally in the process of working ourselves out of a job at the law firm, and as such things go, it's not always being carried out in the optimal way.  There is a great deal of stress and frustration, and at the same time we all worry about our futures, the ability to find jobs, and the need for adequate income to pay the bills.  Being older with some physical limitations places an additional burden on me to secure a job in a city that is based on an oilfield economy which is still in the downturn phase.  There aren't many jobs to apply for,  and there are many applicants for each position. It will be a challenge. 

In addition, I am dealing with the sadness of losing a job that suited me well, facing a reduction in pay, losing the three weeks of vacation I would have earned a year starting in January and the one we hoped to take this October, and needing to acclimate myself to a new work environment, much less wishing I didn't have to work full-time at all. Mentally, I accept that it is what it is and I will need to get on with it.  Emotionally, it doesn't come quite so easy and there have been many tears.  But if I am going to practice what I post, and what I believe, I need to exercise faith that God has something good in store for me, and hope that I will find it.  It is my intent to do my current job, such as it is, to the very best of my ability because I believe in integrity, and also because I want to make the transition for our many clients go as smoothly as possible despite the general confusion. 

I think that God realized I maybe needed a break, since I received a jury duty summons for last Friday, and was selected for a jury to serve in a criminal trial next Monday and Tuesday.  This will be the first time I've actually had the opportunity to serve on a jury and the case is an interesting one. Although it's somewhat of an inconvenience at such a stressful time, I tell myself that if I was the person on trial I would want someone open-minded and fair in the jury box - someone like Papa Bear or me.  I can do that much, and I hope that I will feel at peace with the outcome. I believe in the American justice system, I just don't always have great faith in the way that it is administered. We shall see.

There are three weeks remaining before this chapter of my life ends and a new one begins.  I appreciate  your prayers that I find the peace and a sense of direction, and that it all works out even better than I hope for.  Some cooler temperatures would be nice too.  These "hotter than hell" days ranging from 103-109 degrees don't exactly sweeten my disposition! ;-)


  1. You are in my prayers for a smooth transition through all of this.

  2. For I know the plans I have for you, says the give you a future and a hope. Jer 29:11. When the company I worked for went out of business I clung to this verse. There were days when I did wonder when He was going to let me in on His plans! But He is ever faithful and it all worked out. The hard part was accepting that His plan wasn't the same as mine and we did have some discussions about that. He knows what is needed to make us like Him...I am praying and will continue.

  3. I will be praying for you to get through this tough time and to end up with a more rewarding job.


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