Making Memories

Thought for the day:
Make good memories with those you love!
This is exactly what Papa Bear and I are doing this week!  We are in Southern Colorado for a week near the mountains.  We are staying in a log cabin at a guest ranch near Cuchara, loving the cool, pine-scented mountain air at 8,468 feet in altitude, the emerald green hills, the rushing water of the river that runs through here, and the majesty of the snow-capped mountains!  
 Spending time away together in a beautiful, peaceful place that's far from the pressures of our daily jobs and life routines is so healing to body, mind, and soul.  We are running on "when we feel like it" time, enjoying the absence of TV noise, and loving the quiet time to read and reflect, visit and laugh, and treasure the moments as we make them, knowing they will become memories to keep for the rest of our lives. 
Tonight we were enjoying hamburgers and beer at The Dog Bar and Grill in Cuchara, and I noticed that  they had this quotation painted above the archway between the two large rooms of the bar...
It says "enjoy the journey, never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."
You don't have to go far away to make time for living, you just have to step away from being so busy that you forget to celebrate the moment.   Don't spend your time and money trying to accumulate more stuff, you most likely have more than enough stuff already.  Spend your time with the ones you love, collecting moments that will become treasured memories in the years to come.


  1. Yes, especially on the accumulating more stuff. Don't. You can't take it with you and your children don't want it!

  2. Close the computer, turn off the phone. Do not waste one minute on social media. I say this with love. We will be here when you get back. Enjoy your time there. HUGS!


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