Cherish Each Day

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All of creation
follows the plan...
Birth, life, and death
and so must each man
Do not fear dying
we all go that way...
Instead fear not living
cherish each day
I'm joining Patricia for In Other Words
where this week's writing prompt
is the following quotation by Isaac Asimov:
"Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome."

Come and add your words to ours!


  1. My two scheduled purposes today are work and a vet appointment for a cat and a dog, but i'll be on the lookout for the unscheduled purposes.

    1. And somehow they always appear, don't they? God has appointments for us that we no nothing about in advance!

  2. Life is best lived without fear. Life happens. We should not fear living it, nor should we fear that we are not living it fully. We indeed should just live it. Carpe diem.

    1. Yes, you have a valid point, fear is never really a productive thing. It is what it is and day by day we get through it. Lots of days are really good days, despite the minor annoyances. :-)

  3. Life is a gift, a treasure, to be cherished but not held too tightly. Held too tightly life loses its ability to give and becomes dry and brittle. As Annie said, "...just live it." And as you said, Josie, "there is a plan." Your words are quite thought provoking. Love it when that happens. Thanks for sharing with In Other Words.

    1. That's a beautiful way of stating it, Patricia! One of my favorite quotes says "Life is not a problem to solve, it is a mystery to experience." Some people work to hard at it, some people put no thought into how they are living their lives at all. I do care, but I have also learned to relinquish control, since we are kidding ourselves if we think we have control anyway!


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