The Last Last Name

When I found the above quotation it made me smile in realizing that, when it comes to my blog at least, many of  you know more about my story than my name - well, not the one I use here but the one I'm connected to for legal and employment purposes.  :-)
Josie is a derivative of my given middle name and my surname was a l-o-n-g German one (Haselhorst) that was both cumbersome to pronounce and to write on school papers.  I was more than ready to dispense with it when I married my first husband at 19 years of age and took his much shorter German last name (Bruhn).
Five years later I broke free of that relationship and married a half-Italian man from Philadelphia with an English surname (Hammond) which I was to retain for over ten years until I divorced him.
My third marriage to a Hispanic man with the last name of Trevino lasted for thirteen years, though in retrospect I should have ended it much earlier.
Almost eight years ago I moved to Texas and married Papa Bear, the man of my dreams, and happily acquired his last name (Harris) which is of English/Irish origin, and I can assure you that no matter what the future holds Harris will be my last last name because Papa Bear is irreplaceable. <3
I'm joining Ivy at "Uncharted" for Six Sentence Stories 
where the cue this week is "LAST"


  1. Ohhhhhh!!!!! I love this!!!!! Im glad its your last name!

  2. The last last name. Very clever. Josie (Josephine? - also the name of my favorite aunt). I learned a couple of things about you from this post. I knew about your past marriage (singular) but not others. Harris will be your last last name because your love will last. (Want to insert a little heart icon)

  3. Glad you are in a place now where you know you won't be changing names again!

  4. Curiously I hadn't really thought about married names until my younger daughter got married but retained her maiden name. Their children are happy with their double barreled surname of both mother and father. However I wonder whether in this trend of independence they might continue the tradition and have children of the own with three or four surnames combined! Harris is certainly easier on the tongue, so I am sure you will always be happy with it Josie.

  5. I like the concept of (one's) story versus their name... it's probably (to me) the most remarkable aspect of this virtual world (in general) and the blogosphere (in particular) that we are permitted insight into one and other's lives that had very little correspondence to the 'schedule' of such knowing (a person) that exists in 'real' life. In a very real way, I know some things about people that I will never be in a room with that I don't know about people that I work with for years, even know as friends for years.
    very cool place, this virtual world.

  6. They say life saves the best for last, so there you go!

  7. Last is not a bad place to you know. I wish you the best , especially since you saved the best for last.

  8. I'm glad that you have found the man of your dreams after having those previous nightmares.

    Harris is one of the surnames in my family tree. :)

    Have a blessed day!

  9. I liked learning a bit more about you. I have had the same last name all my life. Not likely to change it now.


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