The Art of Patience (P-5)

 A thought for today in five words:

Patience means to wait peacefully!

I am also participating in
Brenda's 28 Day Challenge at BYG Adventures
using the following format for my posts:
 7 words in 7 days ... April 1-8
  6 words in 6 days ... April 9-15
    5 words in 5 days ... April 16-21
    4 words in 4 days ... April 22-26
    3 words in 3 days ... April 27-29
          2 words in 2 days ... April 30-May 2
                                                         1 word on the final day ... May 3
(Sundays excluded)
This format is easy and fun, you are welcome
to join us in the 28-day Challenge this month!


  1. A good word, sometimes hard to demonstrate.

  2. Peacefully in urgent situations is hard to come by, too.

  3. I think I am pretty patient but then I wonder if patience isn't just another form of procrastination with me.

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  4. This reminded me of a little ditty my mum always used to recite to my dad, who was notoriously impatient:
    Patience is a virtue,
    Possess it if you can.
    Often found in women,
    But rarely in a man.

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  5. Such a beautiful and true post. It's tough but worth it.

  6. Good one! and what an art that is!

  7. This is one thing that has always been difficult for me, though I think that I am much better at being patient now than when I was younger. I've learned to be patient by having to be patient.

    Thanks for another nice, insightful post. Have a blessed day!

  8. Boy oh boy isn't that the truth!?

  9. When you learn acceptance, you learn the art of patience. This is often hard-won.

  10. ouch. I need this one stamped on my forehead.

  11. I have trouble waiting patiently in a doctor's office or on a long line. In life, the things we are waiting for may take a lot longer than a trip to K-Mart. Lots of time we don't have any choice about the waiting, but we always have a choice about how we wait - peacefully or pacefully.

  12. Patience was my word for 2015. A couple of years before that the word was wait. First I learned wait is a verb then I learned patience is a noun. Both are needed to make a complete sentence... and a complete life.


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