Someone Will Win

I'm joining Patricia at Patricia's Place for In Other Words where the writing prompt is the following quotation by Barry Crimmins:
"We have a presidential election coming up.  And I think
the big problem, of course, is that someone will win."

I generally make it my practice to refrain from debating both politics and religion.  I may from time to time state my beliefs or opinions on such matters, but I have no desire to contest over them, the whole concept of doing so being far too absurd to my Aquarian peace-loving mind.  Yet I must say that I find the leading list of contenders for the presidential election to be laughably absurd, if it wasn't so very sad. 

Is this truly the very best our country has to offer?  And more importantly, are the front runners in this election actually seen by the majority of our voters to be credible and capable applicants for a position as the leader of this great nation and all that it involves?  Do people see this as one big joke, or have they become so disenfranchised by what our political system has wrought that they desire to bring it down altogether?  

I can only shake my head at what is transpiring, and I fear what may be the outcome of such foolishness. This could very well go down in history as the election year that brought us great sorrow and shame.  I pray we think about it seriously, and reconsider before it is too late.


  1. I have the same rule.

    Though I must say I think the general population is disgusted with past results and are ready for a big change. One will not be a change...the other a drastic change but maybe it's time. Hopefully God will guide the winner to make our nation strong, safe, and productive with dreams possible for every one. The United States of Utopia America? Is it possible?

  2. This whole spending money on campaigns came up with some friends the other day, as I see poverty all around and wonder at the money they spend!

  3. You've stated my sentiments exactly.


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