Quiet Please (Q-5)

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 A thought for today in five words:

Quiet is a beautiful sound!

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  1. We have to quiet our thoughts in order to really hear and perceive what is around us. We get so caught up in the cacophony our minds, thinking a million thoughts in a split second until the inside of our minds resemble a ping pong table. It is only when we concentrate on the quiet and relax and observe our thoughts that we can perceive our clear path. Kahled Hosseini is one of my favorite authors. His storytelling is poetic.

  2. I am someone who needs quiet time. There are many sounds that I love, both loud and quiet. I like the sound of a cat's purr, or my dog when she is telling me something, and my husband's laugh, and the sound of a friend. But, there are times when I need quiet to hear my spirit speak and my own heart-sounds.

  3. I live by a 200 year old cemetery and I love it. They are very quiet neighbors.

    Meet My Imaginary Friends

  4. Love it! I think quiet is a beautiful sound! Especially after teaching all day!!!

  5. Quiet is good actually. That's why it is said, silence speaks louder than words!

    Quitting Love - The Solitary Writer

  6. Some days i just need more quiet in my life.

  7. What a beautiful image to go with this thought of quiet. It is so peaceful.

    Have a blessed day!

  8. I just read a campfire story to my Girl Guides tonight around or fake fire that was called Quiet Please! LOL They loved it... because it was anything but Quiet!
    Then I returned home to find our power out - it's just returned now - but those few hours were blissfully quiet because the kids all just want to bed. :)


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