Let It Go (L-6)

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 A thought for today in six words:

It doesn't matter... let it go!

I am also participating in
Brenda's 28 Day Challenge at BYG Adventures
using the following format for my posts:
 7 words in 7 days ... April 1-8
  6 words in 6 days ... April 9-15
    5 words in 5 days ... April 16-21
    4 words in 4 days ... April 22-26
    3 words in 3 days ... April 27-29
          2 words in 2 days ... April 30-May 2
                                                         1 word on the final day ... May 3
(Sundays excluded)
This format is easy and fun, you are welcome
to join us in the 28-day Challenge this month!


  1. Each day more poignant....i love these! Ive got a few favs now....been saving some!

  2. Sometimes hard to practice but wonderful words.

  3. Letting go can be hard at times but it's also exhilarating

  4. If it's done, holding on can't change it. Letting go brings freedom.

  5. It is also something that is easier said than done...but we have to find a way to do it.

    Have a blessed night!

  6. Well, we need to be able to let go, even when it matters. It is the only way to move on.

  7. This is definitely advice I would give my younger self! Oh the hours spent trying to figure stuff out -- that probably had no answer at all, other than: it's just life!

  8. Around 50 I finally learned to let go. Sort of slow to learn that lesson but I am enjoying the senior years.


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