F is for Furkids (F-7)

A thought for today in seven words:

Our furkids give us reasons to smile!

I am also participating in
Brenda's 28 Day Challenge at BYG Adventures
using the following format for my posts:
 7 words in 7 days ... April 1-8
  6 words in 6 days ... April 9-15
    5 words in 5 days ... April 16-21
    4 words in 4 days ... April 22-26
    3 words in 3 days ... April 27-29
          2 words in 2 days ... April 30-May 2
                                                         1 word on the final day ... May 3
(Sundays excluded)
This format is easy and fun, you are welcome
to join us in the 28-day Challenge this month!


  1. SOOOO True! And their love is boundless

  2. I agree! Furbabies are great. :)

    Have a blessed day!

  3. Those are the truest seven words I have ever read! That's Purrfect

  4. They are some of my favorite entertainment! And they are so much more, too.

  5. Indeed. Our FurKids are our family. They are blessings that we try to be worthy of. Even the fosters that we are honoured to care for bless our home and us. Critters give us purpose.The rewards are deep.

  6. Such a sweet kitty! Happy A to Z, Josie!


  7. My furkids make me smile too. Gracie is a cutie.

  8. Yes they do!! Mine is even curled up with me right now while I am having a tea and reading blogs. Contentment loves company.

  9. Oh, yes, they do! One of mine is lying on my legs as I type and poking her front legs under my laptop, then peeking over the top of the screen to see if I notice.

  10. actually that photo of Gracie is making me laugh outright!!!!


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