Don't Give Up! (T-4)

 A thought for today in four words:

Give it another try!

I am also participating in
Brenda's 28 Day Challenge at BYG Adventures
using the following format for my posts:
 7 words in 7 days ... April 1-8
  6 words in 6 days ... April 9-15
    5 words in 5 days ... April 16-21
    4 words in 4 days ... April 22-26
    3 words in 3 days ... April 27-29
          2 words in 2 days ... April 30-May 2
                                                         1 word on the final day ... May 3
(Sundays excluded)
This format is easy and fun, you are welcome
to join us in the 28-day Challenge this month!


  1. Thank you, i needed to hear this today.

  2. I'm usually like a dog with a bone. I don't give up easily.

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  3. Well one should not quit trying.. :) Thats the moral of the story :)

    Talk to me once more - The Solitary Writer

  4. We should never give up easily. However, we need to know when it is time to no longer try. Sometimes we need to stop and let go. But, somtimes we just need to change direction to get to the destination. Thoughts to reflect upon.

  5. I love this quote. And every day is a new opportunity to begin again with hope.

  6. Lawsy me! I have to say that every day.

    Your Gracie reminds me of my nephew's Gizmo. He was young and requested a green cat. Walking a mail route every day gave me ample opportunity to find the closest thing to a green cat as I could find. He loved her and she lived a long and happy life.

  7. This is great advice. :)

    Have a blessed night!

  8. That is the attitude I adopted when I posted my U word tale just now, as you'll see if you drop by later!

    My A-Z story features 5 neglected U words

  9. Sometimes the loudest sound, is the quiet whisper speaking truth in the dark. Just gotta keep swimming.


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