Are You Being Kind? (K-6)

 A thought for today in six words:

Make kindness your way of life!

I am also participating in
Brenda's 28 Day Challenge at BYG Adventures
using the following format for my posts:
 7 words in 7 days ... April 1-8
  6 words in 6 days ... April 9-15
    5 words in 5 days ... April 16-21
    4 words in 4 days ... April 22-26
    3 words in 3 days ... April 27-29
          2 words in 2 days ... April 30-May 2
                                                         1 word on the final day ... May 3
(Sundays excluded)
This format is easy and fun, you are welcome
to join us in the 28-day Challenge this month!


  1. Some days are easier than others....

  2. I treat people the way they treat me, so if they kind to me, then they get kindness in return and if not, they don't. I think life is too short to waste time being nice to people who don't extend you the same courtesy

  3. I think that you couldn't have picked a more appropriate person than Mother Theresa to represent kindness. Well done!

    Have a blessed day. :)

  4. Great minds, I was thinking of doing kindness for my post.

  5. You know I love Mother Teresa. Following Mary, the Blessed Mother is the greatest woman who ever lived. She is the influence who converted me to Catholicism. And, yes, it was her capacity for endless kindness. We should all strive to be the kind of human that she was.

  6. Kindness is a universal language, i agree if we would all be kind it would solve almost all of our problems.

  7. I try, I really do. Some people make it difficult, but the more you practice to put kindness first, the easier it becomes. And it often even helps a bad situation too.

  8. A little 'kindness' goes a long way
    Kindness, gift with ten fold return


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