The Return

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"Well hello Gypsy girl," the deep voice rumbled. 

Jess had gone by many names in her life, Gypsy being one of them, but that was a long time ago and no one in her present circle of friends was familiar with the moniker.  She didn't need to hear her name though, his voice was unmistakable, jarring memories from long ago.  Looking up from her table at the local watering hole, she was floored to see him standing there.  How was it possible that he had found her after all these years and a move that had taken her four states away from the little town they once both called home?

"I told you that I'd come back for you one day," he said, eyes twinkling with merriment just as they always had.
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  1. My spine shivers wondering if she will have to try to make a quick getaway!

  2. She could run, but she could not hide! What's next?

  3. well, I don't know... is she running from him or herself? and, since we're discussing it, maybe it was her what done him wrong and .... (mark of a successful Six... plot lines spinning around in the comment section

  4. uh oh! Is this trouble, or is that twinkle a sign of good times to come? Could go either way -- I wonder who she ran away from: him... or herself?

  5. This certainly is a two way bet as to his intentions. Let's hope he genuinely cares for her. Great atmosphere created in this short piece.

  6. Wow, Josie. Such a whole lot of story in six sentences. I can't quite decide if that twinkle in his eye is for love or control. The best stories leave you with tons of questions and wanting more.

  7. Infinite possibilities...

  8. I am going with happily ever after for them.


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