The First Steps

So I've set some goals that I want to achieve for my life. But goals are just meaningless lists of words if there is no action plan to achieve them.  Today I'm going to define one small step that I can take to get me actually moving in the right direction in each of these areas of my life.   
1)   Accountability - define steps, establish time frames, report in, follow through
      Step 1: Establish a first step for each goal on the list/time frame for each goal - by 1/3/16
2)   Spiritually - pray more, complain less, focus on reasons to be thankful
      Step 1: Update my daily prayer list to reflect current concerns and critical issues - by 1/4/16
3)   Mentally - read more, sharpen skills, learn new things
      Step 1: Select a book from my reading list and begin  reading 30 minutes daily - by 1/5/16
4)   Health - eat healthier, try new recipes, increase activity, increase endurance
      Step 1: Take prepared lunches to work at least three times a week - start 1/3/16
5)   Time - manage chores, do more things that I enjoy, spend less time on Facebook
      Step 1: Check Facebook updates not more than four times a day - start today 1/3/16
6)   Writing - blog frequently, journal, write poetry, develop reliable backup system
       Step 1: Post at least four times a week, even if just a brief check in - started 12/28/15
7)   Finances - reduce expenses, build savings
      Step 1: Adopt the 52-Week Money Saving Challenge along with Papa Bear - start 1/5/16
8)   Environment - de-clutter, deep clean,  enhance the d├ęcor of our house
      Step 1: Clear clutter from dining table, continue to clear daily - start today 1/3/16
9)   Relationships - help, encourage, practice tolerance, plan surprises
      Step 1: Send a note of encouragement to someone different each week - start by 1/9/16
10) Baggage - unpack old issues, re-evaluate motives/reasoning, face fears
      Step 1: Identify old issues that negatively effect how I live my life now - by 1/10/16



  1. Great mapping! Doable too! Whats the 52 week $challenge?

    1. Thank you, Ivy! I wanted to keep the first steps easy to achieve, so that I don't get defeated before I even get out of the gate. Already today I am learning about which ones will be easy and which ones I'll have to work at.

      I just added a post about the 52-Week Money Saving Challenge. It's pretty cool and I think just about anyone could do it, even if they had to modify the last half of the year to fit a small budget.

    2. I saw that money challenge. Looks easy enough. All my husband could say was "those get really big at the end." Sigh.

    3. I think it's easy to keep track of and is doable for most people at least until mid-year then it does count up a bit if you start calculating 4 weeks in a month's pay, but I think you could modify it to only set aside the amount for all the even weeks or all the odd weeks and you'd still have a nice little sum for Christmas shopping, a mini-vacation, or whatever! Saving needs to be a habit, and I'm trying hard to develop better habits this year!

  2. The small steps, with goal dates, will help you accomplish your heart's desires. I have a tendency to plan big and then get overwhelmed with the hugeness of things and don't get anywhere. I'm working on my own "goal post" right now.

    1. I am like you in that respect, Val. I tend to start each year with lofty goals and dream of huge results and then I feel defeated two weeks into the year and abandon them. This year it's not so much about achieving great things as it is about changing my ways from bad habits to better habits that I will feel good about, and progress will come as I continue in that direction! I don't think it matters if a person has one goal or several, it's all about retraining our minds to realize that we can accomplish what we want! I'm delighted that you are going to be goal-oriented this year with me, we can support each other on our blogs and at Ivy's blog "Carrot" too! Here's to a year of positive results all around!

  3. Excellently done! You are moving in a positive direction all around.

    1. Thank you Mimi! I am determined to get "unstuck" this year! :-)


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