Reporting In - Three Weeks Down

I started to write this update over the weekend, but as usual other things came into play and I was distracted/diverted.  So here's where I'm at now...
1)   Accountability - define steps, establish time frames, report in, follow through
      Step 1: Establish a first step for each goal on the list/time frame for each goal - by 1/3/16.

     Step 2: Review goals weekly as a reminder, modify or adjust time frames as needed.

      Step 3: Monitor and report progress status bi-weekly starting 1/09/16.
      Adjusting time frame to be more flexible - will report in every 2-4 weeks.
      DOING IT
2)   Spiritually - pray more, complain less, focus on reasons to be thankful
      Step 1: Update my daily prayer list to reflect current concerns/critical issues - by 1/4/16.

     Step 2: Offer up more prayers in the moment, as the need comes to me, especially prayers
     for others - beginning 1/11/15.
      Step 3: Reduce criticism/complaining to not more than twice a day - by 1/11/16
     HAHAHA - not even close, but more mindful of that and trying harder.  Begin again each day!
3)   Mentally - read more, sharpen skills, learn new things
      Step 1: Select a book from my reading list and begin  reading 30 minutes daily - by 1/5/16.
      HIT AND MISS. Haven't worked this into the schedule successfully on a regular basis yet. 
      Need to be more disciplined about going to bed early enough to enjoy that half hour of
     downtime reading. 
     Step 2: Play Words With Friends and at least one game of Sudoku daily for brain exercise 
     Step 3: Identify something new I would like to learn how to do - by 2/07/16.
4)  Health - eat healthier, try new recipes, increase activity, increase endurance
      Step 1: Take prepared lunches to work at least three times a week - start 1/3/16.
      DOING IT - I enjoy having more time to relax and catch up on blogs, and having
      healthier things to eat, costs less too!
     Step 2: Keep breakfast items at work rather than doing drive-thru breakfasts - start 1/3/16.
     Step 3: Make at least three home-cooked meals this week - start 1/10/16
     Not doing it regularly - kick it into gear by 2/01/16, no excuses!!
     Step 4: Do at least one domestic chores project each evening - beginning 2/01/16
5)  Time - manage chores, do more things that I enjoy, spend less time on Facebook
      Step 1: Check Facebook updates not more than four times a day - start today 1/3/16.
      Not there yet  - This proves to be the hardest goal!  I yield easily to temptation.  
      GETTING CLOSER - fewer checks, it's becoming easier to push the phone away!
      Step 2: Start a new craft project that I can work on daily - beginning 2/01/16.

 6)  Writing - blog frequently, journal, write poetry, develop reliable backup system
      Step 1: Post at least four times a week, even if just a brief check in - started 12/28/15.
      HIT AND MISS - some weeks better than others.  Going to continue for a couple more
     weeks then re-evaluate goal and see if I want to modify it.
      Step 2: Do at least two journaling post each week - start 1/10/16.
      NOT THERE YET - the desire is, the energy level at night isn't.  Will continue.
 7)  Finances - reduce expenses, build savings
      Step 1: Adopt the 52-Week Money Saving Challenge along with Papa Bear -
      start 1/5/16.  Will continue our deposits into the savings account on paydays.
      DOING IT
      Step 2: Identify specific ways to reduce expenses - begin 1/5/16
      So far we have dropped at home Internet service, relying on our faster ATT hotspot instead.
      Brown bagging breakfast and lunch has resulted in food and gas savings too.
      Step 3: Reduce meal expense by eating dinner at home at least three times a week - start
      1/10/16.  Not doing it 3x a week yet, plan to meet that goal by end of next week!
     Step 4: Organize kitchen and grocery shopping to better facilitate Step 4 - by 2/01/15
8)  Environment - de-clutter, deep clean,  enhance the d├ęcor of our house
     Step 1: Clear clutter from dining table, continue to clear daily - start today 1/3/16.
     DONE and being maintained thus far!

     Step 2: Clean interior/exterior of refrigerator and stove. - by 1/16/16.
     NOT DONE YET - extending deadline to 2/15/16.
     Step 3: De-clutter clean and organize one area weekly - beginning 1/23/16.
     De-cluttered one area of the living room. Got rid of a couple pieces of unneeded furniture, 
     rearranged and reorganized the rest.  More de-cluttering in that room yet to be done.
9)  Relationships - help, encourage, practice tolerance, plan surprises
     Step 1: Send a note of encouragement to someone different each week - start by 1/9/16. 

     Step 2: Be more tolerant of people who enter interrupt my time/space. Work on living in
     The present and being more willing to give my time to others - start 1/10/16
     WORKING ON IT - being more mindful of when I am impatient and judgmental.  Needs
     more work!

     Step 3: Plan a surprise for Papa Bear by 6/01/16.
10) Baggage - unpack old issues, re-evaluate motives/reasoning, face fears
      Step 1: Identify old issues that negatively effect how I live my life now - by 1/10/16.
      NOT DONE YET - I am going to extend the deadline for identifying some of the issues I
      want to unpack until 2/06/16, the day before my 62nd birthday. That seems appropriate. :-)

1/26/16 - I am learning that having set goals and reviewing them weekly helps me to be more
accountable to myself.  I have increased self-awareness of when I am falling off track, and can
make an effort to get back in line with the plan.

Not surprisingly, I am discovering that I am much better at adjusting my attitude than changing
actual behaviors, especially ones requiring physical effort.  That's an issue I will need to address.

The first re-organizing project we undertook in the living room this past weekend is just one
step of many, but a big improvement which gave a psychological boost to both of us, and
motivates us to go on to the next thing.  Sometimes chain reactions are a good thing!  :-)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Gail... baby steps in the right direction! :-)

  2. Josie, the blog post is very detailed and I can see how doing it enhances your accountability. You certainly chose many goals in areas in which we can all facilitate change - decluttering and organizing. I wish you continued success.

    1. Thanks Val! Yes, it would be so easy to just set it all aside and forget about goals... and then I would get to the end of the year and realize that once again I had made no desired changes/progress in my life. I want this year to end differently. All that detailing keeps me accountable! :-)

  3. You are inspiring me! My fridge method is to clean a shelf or part of the door each day until it's done. That's always easier than the whole thing at once.

    1. Each little step I accomplish gives me hope and motivation to accomplish one more, Mimi. You shared an important lesson here, we tend to see accomplishing tasks as all or nothing and often it's just too big and daunting to begin. I am learning to do baby steps and let my courage for the bigger steps grow off that.

  4. How inspiring you are! My new year resolutions are made on my birthday in March. That's when my personal new year begins. The new year January 1 is when my word for the year begins. This year's word is change. So far one big revelation that I will blog about soon. I look forward to your updates. You are doing great!

    1. I love the concept of marking your birthday as the start of each new year, Patricia, because truly it is! I love birthdays, another year of life celebrated! Change is a powerful word, it could be my word for this year too, as you can see. My big goal for this year is to CHANGE some of the things I've been wanting to change for the past several years but never quite get motivated to do. Change is healthy, change is exciting, change is good! Now to keep up the momentum! I'll be eager to read about your year of CHANGE too!

  5. Replies
    1. Awesome, I am a work in progress, and my progress is so, but I am determined!


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