Thankful Thoughts - 12/05/15

1)  We've moved into December now, and are headed full tilt toward Christmas.  I can't say that it's my favorite holiday, so much commotion and too many things to be done with too little time despite the fact that we keep it very small and simple.  But I think that's a good place to start with this week's thankful list... that both Papa Bear and I are of like mind that Christmas should be about the meaning and not about spending a fortune that we don't have.  We keep gift exchanges to the minimum, so we aren't paying off credit card charges come January.
2)  Another thing I'm thankful for is that we've had a very mild winter thus far with plenty of warm days and no snow or ice yet.  I would love to have snow for Christmas, and it does happen here on occasion here, but it seldom last long, which is good.  As I get older I become less and less a fan of icy walkways and roads, I don't want to break any bones.
3)  I have a big reason to be thankful this week, that being that my daughter wasn't hurt more seriously when one of the patients at the hospital where she works as a post-surgical nurse became disoriented and angry and punched her in the face.  She ended up with a slight concussion, and some swelling and one heck of a headache, but thankfully her nose wasn't broken.  Two days later the same patient choked a male nurse and sent him to the ER!  I am thankful that my daughter handled the incident pretty well.   We don't always realize that nursing can be a hazardous profession.
4)  I am thankful for God's perfect timing in a wonderful holiday gift box arriving from an amazing friend on a day that had been stressful and emotionally draining.  The Advent wreath is so very cool, and the baked treats were wonderful.  A lot of love and effort went into it, and it made both of us smile big time.
5)  I am thankful that despite the business this time of year at stores and restaurants, we've encountered some exceptionally nice young people working as clerks and waiters/waitresses.  Good manners aren't as common as they used to be, and it's always so refreshing when you discover someone who has been raised to be both helpful and respectful.
6)  I am thankful for the suggestion from a coworker that instead of exchanging Christmas gifts with each other we pool the money we would have spent and purchase a dorm size freezer so we have a place to keep ice for our drinks, frozen lunches, and even popsicles in the summer.  We have a microwave oven, and a small refrigerator that serves us well, but it has a very tiny freezer that barely holds a trays of ice cubes much less anything extra.  It's fun when we all agree to help pay for something we will appreciate and put to good use.
7)  I am thankful that Papa Bear is always willing to help me with anything I ask.  I was decorating my office door for Christmas today, and this involved securing about a dozen diagonal rows of red and ivory satin ribbon candy cane style.  I soon realized that it would take more than two hands to measure the spacing, hold, stretch and secure each ribbon.  Papa Bear got off work at 3 PM and was a very capable assistant with the project.  How many husbands would do that after a tiring day of working on their feet?  He is always so supportive of anything I do or am attempting to do.
8)  I was thankful to see so many good entries for Six Sentence Stories this week.  Thursday night is my favorite evening of the week, as I'm eager to get home and read the stories that have been written and see how folks responded to my contribution.
9)  I am ever mindful and thankful for how blessed Papa Bear and I are to have our health, our jobs, our family, and a place to call home.  I work with people everyday who have lost all of these things and are in truly desperate situations, and I realize that there but for the grace of God goes I.  That awareness keeps me mindful to treat everyone I encounter during the course of my work with respect, kindness and compassion, and to assist them in the same manner I would hope to be helped if I ever find myself in their situation. 
10)  When our parents are no longer living and family members reside far away, it's easy to become nostalgic and miss the holiday festivities of years past.  I am so very thankful for all my Mother did to make Christmas and all other holidays as well as our birthdays, truly special and celebrated.  Those are cherished memories now, and I am thankful that I've also given my children some good memories to treasure when I am no longer here.
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  1. What a wonderful post...i am so very grateful for your friendship as well! One suggestion? Ya gotta post a pic of that door!!! Its perfect and so well done...really fabulous!!!

  2. What a wonderful post...i am so very grateful for your friendship as well! One suggestion? Ya gotta post a pic of that door!!! Its perfect and so well done...really fabulous!!!

  3. Giving each other the gift of a small freezer at work is a brilliant idea. Your thankful lists always make me smile and remind me that i have a long list of my own.

  4. Josie, I can tell your focus is on the real meaning of Christmas - loving and giving without the commercial stuff. I sometimes get so overwhelmed with decorating and shopping and planning, I forget that it's all about the love. I'm glad your daughter is okay. Peace and love and joy.

  5. I really like that so much of your thankful post is centred around connection and love between people - family, co-workers, friends - all of it steeped in kindness and goodness.

    And I'd love to see the door - it sounds spectacular.

  6. What a lovely post, Miss Two Shoes. How smart of you and your co-workers to purchase a helpful group gift for the lot of you! And the same goes for you and Papa Bear. No need to go into debt to tell each other how much you love each other. It's as plain as day that you do. :)
    I like your #10 the best, though. My mom was just plain fun. My siblings and I have so many stories from our childhood that we share every time we get together. (Our parents are still alive, so they get in on the fun, too.) That's what I want my kids to do when they're adults. They may not realize it now, and scoff when I make them do some things, but they are going to have so much fodder to choose from when sitting around the Thanksgiving table! :)

  7. It sounds as if you have some really great co-workers to think of such a practical idea.

  8. I never understand going into debt for Christmas.
    Sounds like a nice idea, that your work are banding together to get yourselves something you can all use.
    That Christmas decorated door sounds amazing.
    I spent a lot of time in hospital. I know how important nurses are and the work they do. Glad she is alright.


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