Another December

In December of 2006 Josie packed her belongings in boxes and bags and left her husband of thirteen years and the farm that had been their home.  It had been a long time coming, the people who knew her and knew of her situation were amazed she had waited this long. 

What began with so much happiness had become dark and dangerous as the years passed, and the man she knew, or thought she knew, had turned into a drug-fueled monster who made her life a living hell.  Finally the line was crossed, and despite how beaten down she was she knew that it was now or never, the choice being between breaking free or giving up on life altogether and ending it.

There she sat on her first night alone in her tiny new apartment in town, the full range of emotions washing over her - angry with him that he hadn't loved her enough, angry with herself that she had let him steal her joy for so long, tremendous sadness for what had been lost and for what never was to be, physical and emotional exhaustion, profound loneliness in the absolute silence and already missing her feline companions far more than she missed him; and yet an overwhelming sense of relief, the lightness of being free at last, curiosity and about what being on her own after so long was going to be like, and a tiny spark of hope that she just might be able to pick up the broken pieces of her life and recover her joy.

Nine years have passed since that fateful December, and although she had no way of knowing it at the time, one year later Josie would meet the man God intended for her, her true soulmate, the one who would love her more than she ever dreamed possible, and her life would be forever changed.
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  1. A fantastic six...I think I may know Josie!

  2. I have a very dear friend with a similar story... I think she's now married to a bearded God-send...

  3. Such a happy ending, my favorite kind!

  4. Sometimes we have to get rid of the trash to find the treasure. Not always an easy thing to do but always worth the work. There are happy endings and not just in stories.

  5. Although I was aware what had happened in you I am so pleased you are able to refer to your past again to give strength to those who may be in a similar situation and need encouragement to make the break to achieve a happier life for themselves.


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