The Shawl

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Wrapped in a warm woven shawl
In the chill of early morning
I feel the familiar comfort
Of soft folds draped around me
And realize that long ago
In another lifetime maybe
I must have worn one daily

The Refusal

"No, no, no... you are not going to drag me into another one of your stupid wars," Bonnie texted to her sisters, fingers tapping angrily on the touchscreen alphabet of her phone. As the middle child, she had spent most of her life being the peacemaker between her two sisters.

 For the past couple of years things had gone more smoothly between them, but here they were once again, engaged in in a war of words and hurt feelings that mushroomed into an ugly drama with both sides attempting to secure Bonnie's allegiance. She couldn't believe that these two women, both in their sixties, were this angry with each other over one stating that the other had "issues" and the other one not stopping by to visit when she was in town. 

"Can't you just talk it out and then let it go," Bonnie pleaded to two sets of deaf ears, "forgive and forget and move on?"

Realizing that they fully intended to continue their verbal warfare, Bonnie decided to set personal boundaries that would keep her out of the fray, so she notified both sisters that she would no longer allow either of them to tell her something negative about the other, thereby refusing to be a party to their conflicts ever again.
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Daughter of the Moon

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Larissa had been different from birth, a child who preferred to be by herself, keeping company with imaginary friends.  As she grew older she was often mocked for her steadfast belief in fairies and dragons, and magical places; yet it never seemed to trouble her much that others didn't see life as she did.  In fact, she felt a bit sorry for them, realizing that they were so stuck in their rigid beliefs that their hearts held no space for anything that strayed from the black and white lines of logic.

Larissa knew that the world was filled with secrets waiting to be discovered, and often night time would find her wandering outside, communing with the moon and listening to the wisdom of spirit creatures who came to visit her in many forms.  Entranced by a dragon fly which seemed to glow with its own light, she felt no fear as she followed it deep into the woods near her home late one evening.  Hearing faint strains of music and laughter, she soon found herself in the midst of a campfire gathering of wee elves and fairies eagerly waiting to crown her as their queen.
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"Tribe" by Ralph Steadman
Thomas and Peter were on a mission to rescue savage souls, the plan being to convert them to God-fearing believers.  Arriving at the remote village to which they'd been assigned, they were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by the natives with warm enthusiasm.  Tribal dancers festooned with brightly painted masks put on an amazing show for their guests, then led them to a rough plank table laden with fruits and vegetables, next to which two huge cauldrons of soup sat simmering in the fire.  An old man who was apparently the chieftain presented Thomas and Peter with gourds filled with some kind of fruit nectar, then lifted another to his lips, motioning to them to do the same.  Both men found the nectar to be delicious and drank it down eagerly. That night there was much feasting in the village, bellies that had long gone hungry were now round and full; Thomas and Peter were never seen or heard from again.
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