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In the middle of a bitter cold Midwest winter her husband and his parents had been summoned to the neighboring state where an elderly relative was dying, and she had agreed to stay alone at the family farm to care for the cats, dogs and chickens in their absence.
On the day they left dazzling sun had turned the deep snow into mounds of sparking diamonds, but during the night a blizzard swept in and the howling wind churned the powdery snow into near whiteout conditions. 
In the morning she dressed in heavy layers, wrapped a long scarf around her face, and made her way carefully along the fence line to the barn to feed the dogs that were burrowed snugly in the hay, and then proceeded to the chicken coop to gather eggs and make sure the heaters were working. 
The wind was blowing even harder when she finished the chores, and as she headed back to the house she lost her footing on the icy ground, falling flat on her face and eggs scattering  in all directions.
Back on her feet but disoriented by the blinding snow, she was no longer sure where the house was until she saw the light burning brightly in the kitchen window. 
It wasn't until she was safely back inside the house taking off her coat that she realized the kitchen light wasn't on, and the pail which had held her eggs was sitting on the floor with all the eggs collected and unbroken.
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  1. Ooooh had to read that last sentence three times because it gave me such a shock.really tookme by surprise! Very cool!

  2. Her second journey in her dreams! What a great twist in the end.

  3. Was she really safe inside her house?????

  4. And you people say MY stories are creepy! Nice!

  5. She had to have a guardian angel!

  6. very cool! (and yet another level of story-tell that I can aspire to)

  7. I too had to reread the last was a dream? Very vividly told.


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