Thankful Thoughts - July 26, 2015

I sit here in the blissful silence of Sunday morning, surrounded by my furkids, and being so thankful for this weekend shared with my beloved Papa Bear.  He works three Saturday's a month and has one off, so when those come we treasure our time together. 
Weekday mornings here are a hurried affair, his starting time rotates from 8 AM one week to 9 AM the next.  On the 8 AM mornings we are tripping over each other in the bathroom, scurrying to get ready in the least amount of time required to get out the door, often having pushed our snooze buttons to their limit.  On his 9 AM mornings I am up and gone before he awakens, so it is the rare treat when we can spend a Saturday morning waking up slowly together, completely ignoring the time.
I've been working most Saturdays too, at least for a few hours.  We continue to have two staff (me and a newbie) to do the work of four, though they are in the process of interviewing (slowly) so there is hope.  I could have worked this weekend and probably should have, but I really needed the break too, and I'm glad I took it.  We really didn't do much of anything yesterday but relax, run a couple errands, and eat a nice dinner out.  Sometimes it's nice to just ignore the "things to do" list .
We are in the throws of hot, hot summer here in West Texas, with triple digit temperatures more afternoons than not.  I am thankful that this year they didn't start until July, since we had an inordinate amount of rain earlier which kept things cooler.  The heat/sun make me pretty sick so I live indoors for the most part in summer, and I'll be glad when Fall comes.  I dream about someday living where the summers are a bit less intense, and there is more green shady stuff to be found, but in the mean time I am thankful beyond measure for AC in our homes and cars and at work. 
In recent months I've been struggling to find my happy.  An assortment of family struggles, physical issues, the work situation, and life in general have left me pretty down. I am thankful that I'm slowly starting to weave my way back out of that to a more peaceful, less stressed attitude that allows me to deal with life day by day and take it as it comes. I credit prayer power and friend support for that... and the distraction of Words With Friends and Yahtzee. :-)
I am thankful that someone I care about deeply has found the courage to end the very damaging relationship she's been in.  It's not an easy thing to do when you love someone (and they love to take advantage of your caring).  It is only now that she fully sees what he is truly like as he continues to harass her, and I am thankful for the prayers of family and friends that surround her with protection.  God didn't bring her this far to abandon her now!
I've been clomping around in a heavy foot brace (boot) for three weeks now, trying to alleviate plantar fasciitis and heal spurs on my right foot that have made walking so painful.  The boot is not much fun in 100 degree heat and walking back and forth all day at work, but I did get a handicapped parking permit which enables me to park much closer to our office building and under a shady tree at that, and this weekend, for the first time I am beginning to notice some improvement taking place. The doctor says two more weeks in the boot and then we'll see how it's doing.  The point is to avoid surgery, an option I don't even want to consider. A cast on my right foot would mean no driving. Once again, I know that God hears my prayers and knows my frustrations when it all becomes too much.
At work I am now the employee at our branch that has been there longest,  That's funny, since I've only been there three and a half years. Our attorney just passed his bar exam last November, and our records clerk has been with us less than two months.  Near the beginning of June our long term employee and "go to person" for the things we didn't know, resigned, leaving us scrambling. But the plus side to that is being able to implement some new things that have been needed for some time, and getting us back on track in some areas that have been sliding.  We are all on the same page now and anyone new that is hired will be taught to do the same. 
Training new hires is exhausting.  They are typically given a crash course introduction to Social Security and our law firm for a few days at our branch in El Paso,  then sent back to us learn the gazillion details of the job.  I really love my space when dealing with the constant phones, appointments, walk-ins, and endless paperwork each day, so it's quite a stretch for me to have to "talk, talk, talk" as new people learn the routines.  I am thankful for a new coworker who learns quickly, fits in with us well, and takes her job seriously, it makes the job easier. 
One of the best ways to get through trying times is to have something to look forward to, and I do!  We have made arrangements to vacation on Galveston Island the first week of October.  We went there last year and I can't wait to go again.  I love the place, the peacefulness, and of course the long miles of beaches and waves washing over my feet.  We usually try to take the week of our September Wedding Anniversary off for a vacation, but my coworker already had a vacation planned for that week when she came to us, so we postponed ours a bit, and that's just fine, it might be past the rainy season there if we are lucky!
The Papa Bear is out of bed now, drinking his morning coffee, and I can hear his stomach rumbling. Time to get going on the waffles, eggs and bacon he loves for Sunday breakfast/brunch.  Then on to the laundry, housework, and grocery shopping I ignored yesterday.  Oh well, that's life! :-). I wish you all blessings in the week ahead, sunshine in your days, and happiness in your hearts! 
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  1. Josie, thanks for the update on goings on in your life. Have a wonderful week ahead with light feet!

  2. I'm so happy you linked up this week. I've been missing your posts and your link. Enjoying time with your Sweet Papa Bear makes all the stress and pain of life worthwhile. (And Words with Friends). The anticipation of Galveston is something to focus on when things get tough. I'm sorry about your foot. I'm sure the weight of the boot affects your gait and the back pain, too. Hopefully, you can avoid surgery or anything terribly drastic. I've heard that foot massage can loosen the plantar fascia muscle. I'm sending prayers your way.

  3. A JOSIE POST! HOORAY! you needed a weekend glad you finally got one! Here's hoping the weeks continue to improve and smooth out!

  4. Anticipating a vacation is almost (not quite!) as much fun as actually being on one. Have a great time!

  5. It's nice to see your thankfuls again, it reminds me i have so many of my own.

  6. I hope you get someone competent hired into your office soon! You've really had a workload for quite awhile now!
    I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot, too! I've had it twice before (can't remember which foot each time), and have managed to get over it myself by doing foot stretches whenever I think about it. This go-round is rougher than the previous ones. Getting out of flip flops and into regular shoes will probably help take care of it, but I don't want to have to stop wearing my flip flops, so I have no one to blame but myself for all the pain.
    I LOVE Galveston! I love to park the car and ride back and forth on the Bolivar ferry and watch dolphins. And I love to eat fresh shrimp at Benno's, Guido's, and Shrimp 'n Stuff. And walk on the beach and look for sand dollars, which I never find more than broken bits of, but I never give up. I hope you have a wonderful time there and get some much-needed! How long is the trip for you? I have a feeling it takes you just about as long to get there from west Texas as it does me from southwest MO.

  7. I'm so happy to hear you are healing - having pain when walking is exhausting. It's funny how sometimes having the person who knows the most move on can ease the way to making improvements. It doesn't necessarily mean you stop missing them, but it highlights the need for consistency and maybe even documented SOP's.

  8. Good to know that you are finding the "joy" in life again.

  9. Josie! I'm so glad to see you linking up this week!

    I can't believe you are still working so much. I hope someone fun, smart and quick at learning will be hired soon to give you some relief. Good for you, taking the weekend off.

    I'll be praying for your friend.

    Those boots are miserable to wear, but they work. Only two more weeks! You can do it!

    Glad to hear you've scheduled a vacation for the two of you. I have no doubt you'll enjoy yourselves.

  10. I love your opening thankful, quiet time with your love. That is just the best, isn't it?
    So sorry about the boot. I struggled with that in the winter, I cannot imagine it in the dead of summer!


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