~ Photo credit - Papa Bear~
Her friends didn't call her "Grace Tenderfoot" for nothing, she could trip over her own shoes while wearing them.  Walking up the steps to their rental cabin when they arrived in the mountains, Grace gave her finest performance yet. 

Toting her laptop and shoulder bag, she made it up the single cement step just fine, then the toe of her sandal caught the edge of the wooden porch, and she lost her balance.  She had the presence of mind to slide her precious laptop onto the porch Frisbee style, right before she tumbled backward down the step, landing in a heap on the hard ground.  Reaching for her arm to gently help her up, her husband was melt with a yowl as she gingerly reached for her left wrist, and experienced sharp pain as she felt the dogleg protrusion on the side.

Thus, the first afternoon of their vacation in the mountains was spent at the local ER, where much to the staff's surprise, Grace learned from x-rays that her wrist was thankfully not broken, just severely sprained, and would result in her wearing a wrap and a sling, and learning the fine arts of being a right-handed, one-armed girl.
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  1. True story? My sister used to always say of me "we don't call ya Grace for nuthin'" I laughed out loud at the Frisbee style laptop free throw!

  2. Same question as Ivy. Glad the wrist wasn't broken!

  3. The grace girls. You, me, Ivy and Dyanne. Don't we always carry way to much to save steps? One armed, right-handed girl. lol

  4. Good job with your story for "step", Josie.

  5. Very nicely told story! the sense of being an observer and yet still the 'characters' being very much there… and the photo… perfect

  6. ouch ow! I have been there in that dance!

  7. What a way to start a vacation...or any day. Unfortunately I can relate to Grace.


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