Time Out

I'm taking a much needed break from blogging,
I'll be back when life settles down a bit.
In the mean time I'll be checking out some of your posts, 
and I'll be hanging out at Facebook as usual.
If you've enjoyed writing for Two Shoes Tuesday
Please participate in Six Sentence Stories at Ivy's blog -
It's easy and it's fun!


  1. You deserve a break. I'll miss Two Shoes Tuesday and look forward to when you come back. Hope I'll see YOU at Six Sentence Stories as well.

  2. But, but, but....just kidding. I'll see you when you return!

  3. While i'll miss you, i do get it, and hope life calms down soon!

  4. Oh Josie! Just when I came to check out your latest prompt :)

    Yes, breaks are needed. Return soon please!
    Take care.

  5. Sometimes a break from routine is needed. Totally understand. Take your time and...hurry back! :)

  6. (pssst-come see me ) :)) If you aren't too busy breaking.

  7. just so ya know-- I just hijacked your 'This is me' pic. I love it ! best pic I have ever seen of you (to me)

  8. Im usually on my phone so commenting is limited but I will miss reading you despite not usually leaving a trace of myself here.....but hey....we all deserve a break....too bad ya cant extend it to other spaces besides blogging as well! Thanks for the shout out!


Your comments are always appreciated... they make me smile! :-)