Thankful Thoughts - June 13, 2015

1. This has been a week of life challenges for a couple people that are important in my life.  I am thankful that I have learned in sixty years that we do survive what at times feels so overwhelming, and we come through on the other side stronger and ready to take on the next obstacle.  We need to remember that we have survived everything life has thrown at us so far and have an inborn ability to overcome.
2.  I am thankful that Papa Bear and I had a wonderful long-weekend in Ruidoso for his birthday.  It was green and beautiful, and the mountain air smells so fresh!  The break from our work routine did us both a lot of good.  Being away together is my favorite thing always.  I posted the following birthday photo of him on my Facebook page which garnered the most likes of any of my posts ever, much to his pleasure.  I tell him that's because I am such a good promoter, letting people know what an awesome guy he is!
3.  I am thankful for the new coworker at our office, bringing our team back to three once again.  Ideally we need four and have had that at times in the past, but we've also been struggling along with just two of us for awhile now so I am overjoyed that a little of that overwhelming burden has been lifted.  She learns quickly and isn't afraid to pitch in and get to work.  Hoping she'll decide to stay! She is also an intelligent conversationalist, which I enjoy - I'm not good at trivial chit-chat.
4.  At the moment I have four of my five furkids gathered around me within hand's reach.  How I love when we share our quiet time together!  The fifth one is snoozing happily on the cat tree.  If only we could all nap whenever the urge strikes us!  I am thankful for each and every one of them and the joy they bring to our house.
5.  Someone that matters to me found the strength and courage to break free from an unhappy,  opportunistic relationship this week, with much cheering from her friends and supporters on all sides.  I know how hard it is to make that move and stand firm with it, so I am extra proud of her for realizing that this isn't what she wants for her life or her future, she deserves so much more!
6.  I am thankful for good vision insurance at work and some gift money from my son which enabled me to order a new pair of glasses this morning.  Trifocals are so blasted expensive!  I really like the new frames I picked out - see below (please ignore unwashed Saturday hair), I was never really happy with the last ones I chose.  I've been wearing wire-rims for the past 40 years, so this is quite a change. They are plastic all the way around, the bottom half is just lighter in color, and there are rhinestones on the bows.  You know how I love things that sparkle! :-) They will be ready in 7-10 days, can't wait!
7.  I am thankful for the beautiful view we have of summer storms. I love their raw power!  Living in such a flat, rural area, we can see the storm clouds build up and roll in, watch the downpours and lightning bolts streak across the sky, and feel grateful when they move on without doing any major damage.  We have had such an unusual amount of rain this year with more looking likely for today, it's nice to keep that West Texas dust settled. 
8.  I am thankful and happy when I take a risk with sharing a story on my blog that I'm not certain others will relate to or like, and it garners a positive response.  Sometimes I am doubtful about the quality of my efforts, and surprisingly those often seem to be the ones that go over well.
9.  I say this every summer, but I am so thankful for air-conditioning in our vehicles, home and office.  Days are already hitting the 100 degree mark here and will soon be much hotter, and heat makes me so sick.  It is awesome to be able to escape that.  I often wonder how it is that it didn't seem to bother us so much when we were growing up and a couple fans were all the A/C that existed. While it wasn't quite this hot in South Dakota, it was certainly humid and sticky at times, and I remember it being hard to get to sleep on warm summer nights.  Here it cools down nicely after dark.
10.  I am so very thankful for the friends and family in my life that don't judge me or voice their opinions on what I am or am not.  It is hard to deal with the criticism of people who don't really understand me, and are basing their opinions on what they think they see on the surface.  Although it can be easy to forget, it's best if we keep such opinions to ourselves unless asked, and our judgments to the very minimum.  When someone misjudges me, it reminds me of how hurtful that is and that I shouldn't be doing it to others.  If you can't say something positive, just keep it to yourself! :-)
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  1. what you say about number 1 is so true. Because when you think about it if you're still around you have a 100 percent success rate of enduring absolute b*******! and coming out on the other side in one way or another. I too am extremely grateful for your friendship and support as always. and I gotta say I never thought there was a problem with your other glasses but now that I see these I like you in a smaller frame its nice to see more of your face it's really a nice frame!

  2. All wonderful things to be grateful for. Happy Birthday, Papa Bear!

  3. May Papa Bear have many happy returns of the day, sharing them all with you! And i hope the co-worker stays, too, for all of your sakes, it sounds like it's about time.

  4. The glasses frames are really nice! I need to make an appointment with the ophthalmologist sometime soon; I think my days of dollar store glasses are drawing to an end.
    As for A/C--yes, yes, yes!

  5. May I say that Papa Bear is just adorable. He's all man but there's still a little boy sparkle in his eyes. It's probably all that love he has for you. You look great in those glasses, Saturday hair and all. As always, the quotes you share are always insightful and inspirational. I love both an will pin them.

  6. Hi Josie,
    I enjoyed reading your article immensely. Simple, concise and the list is perfectly relatable,irrespective of all our perceived differences. In the picture papa bear exudes kindness,love and loads of charm. Pl. convey my greetings to him on his Big day.:-)
    You seem to understand what life is all about. I appreciate how conscious you're about being kind to others' feeling.
    I've experienced situations where people hurt you with their heartless comments and never ever apologize,perhaps because of their inflated ego.I try to keep a distance from such mean people.

  7. I must say, this is absolutely the correct hop to share stories that mean the most to you....we cherish and experience them along with you. Do keep sharing!!

  8. I went to a retreat 15 years ago, and it was there that I realized EVERYBODY has a story. Even if i have known someone for years, i may not know the things she's gone through. I don't know what happened before i knew her. That realization is what has made me a much, much kinder, more generous, less judgmental person.
    So glad you two got to get away and celebrate. It was fun following you through it.
    And I'm also glad you finally got another person to help out at work. If I remember correctly, you've been struggling with too much work for quite a while.

  9. This is simply a beautiful list of thankfuls.
    I especially love #5 -- good for her and thank you for being one of the people standing behind her as she made that tough decision to break away for freedom.
    Those glasses are adorable on you. They really do suit you!
    I think it's wild that you are hitting the 100 degree mark and we were wearing sweaters yesterday! Yes, bundled up in sweaters! I do live in Canada though :)
    A very happy belated birthday to your Papa Bear. I'm glad that you were able to spend the weekend together. It's so nice to get away from all the hum drum of life and just be sometimes :)

  10. So good to hear that your new co-worker is still working out! When working, one person can impact the entire tone of the workplace - for better or worse - and it sounds as if she is a for better impact.

    I love the quote at the bottom of your post - it's so true.

  11. I'm working very hard at not saying things if I've nothing nice to say, and I think I'm beginning to get there with it! Hope so, anyway!

    I'm so glad you and PB had a good time away, and I really enjoyed seeing your photos online. And YAY to your office becoming an easier place to work, due to good co-workers. That's brilliant.

  12. I love to watch storms approaching (tornado-less ones, preferably). We did that today, as we drove west on I-44. There was rain all around us, and we could see the streaks coming down from the clouds where the rain was falling.

    I like your glasses! I need to bite the bullet and get bifocals. I'm doing the one contact thing now, and it's not working so well anymore, so I have readers everywhere. But I really need a pair of glasses for when I don't want to mess with the contacts. Trying to age gracefully.... :)

  13. I enjoyed all your photos from your vacation on Facebook. It looked like a wonderful time!
    Your new glasses suit you!
    The AC in my car is not working well. Fingers crossed that it just needs more freon and that there is not a leak.

  14. Hello Josie! Our eyeglasses frames look the same ;o)

  15. Happy Birthday to your husband! I can see why his picture got a lot of likes, he is adorable and no matter what people say we are all a sucker for a good love story!

  16. I always feel so happy when I read here. You and all of your thankfuls are beautiful! (Sexy glasses, too!)
    Papa Bear - a belated happy birthday to you!
    Your #1 jumped out at me not simply because of its position, but because I needed that one, I think. Rough and stressful time right now...a deadline of sorts approaching and great fear in me that it won't be met. Praying and hoping and praying and hoping...and now I'm dumping on your post! I think we need one of our chats!
    Kitties all around - yes. A/C - yes. Definitely!


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