Off Balance

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Cherie had been working both low and high balance beams since she was a young girl and could do it blindfolded, but lately her timing was off, and she knew that losing her balance had more to do with her mindset than where she placed her feet.
Her relationship with her boyfriend of seven years had recently ended when she spotting him walking out of her best friend's apartment early one morning.  Then the corporate sponsor of the gymnastics school she operated for disadvantaged youth cancelled their funding citing the deterioration of the neighborhood where the school was located.
Up until now working out on the balance beams had been Cherie's therapy and her saving grace, but tonight when she lost her balance and fell to the floor she couldn't find the desire to get back up on the beam, so she sat there in a crumpled heap crying.
That's how the striking young man in the gray tailored suit found her when he entered the empty gym.  Bending down to offer Cherie his hand, he lifted her gently to her feet and said, "I'm Edgar from the new whole foods distribution center on the South Side, and I wanted to talk with you about the possibility of our company doing a promotional campaign featuring your school."
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  1. You always build such a complicated story line. You did it in such a short space too! And managed to tie it up as well. Thanks for linking up Josie!

    1. I got distracted and meant to write... that I didnt even think of this type of beam!

  2. I do like the multiple interpretations of the writing prompts. As always, Josie, you did a well-developed story in six sentences. I love that it ends with a note of hope.

  3. Looks like she will regain her balance after all!

  4. Such a lot in such a short space - you packed so much into this, and I love how you ended with hope.

  5. I like your encouraging story.

  6. Worry is certainly a great impediment to concentration. I loved the story and even laughed at the dig at corporate sponsors not wanting to support the kids in a disadvantaged area.

  7. When everything seems to be falling apart, something good can happen. Great story.

  8. Ah, the ray of hope at the end. I like the way you used the balance beam both literally and metaphorically. The parallel of the beam work and her life's balance is terrific.

    Now, on the subject of hope...I have to PM you about my stupid cat problem. :D


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