Coloring - Not Just for Kids

At one time I supervised the reception staff at a non-profit agency.  One of our receptionists who was near fifty had experienced a rough childhood and occasionally those memories would surface.  One day while discussing kids and school supplies, she noted sadly that she never had a brand new box of crayons.  Such a little thing, but symbolic of so many things that she went without, including nurturing relationships. 
I remember shopping for school supplies each Fall so fondly, and that box containing a rainbow of bright colors all perfectly pointed helped fuel the excitement for the coming term.  I decided that it was long since time to rectify this situation for our receptionist, and on her next birthday she received her very first box of 64 brand new crayons, along with some wonderful adult coloring books with beautiful designs.  She cried.  It is so often the little things that matter the most.
This story was written for Two Shoes Tuesday here at my blog
where the prompts this week are Crayon and Crash


  1. I've been meaning to buy one of the adult coloring books for my Aunt. She's going through some rough times with her selfish ungrateful wretch of a son and all of us nieces and nephews remember how patient she would be while she sat and colored with us as children - as long as you didn't try to help her color her page!

  2. Such a fun post. I remember envying one of the girls in my class who got a big box of crayons.

  3. If new crayons don't bring a smile to your face, you must have the rheumatism in your soul, and i feel sorry for you.

    Beautiful post, i'm glad you got the crayons for her.

  4. So sweet. You were a great friend to this woman. Thanks for sharing. ;)

  5. Josie, I have an adult coloring book that I work in sometimes. It is very therapeutic, a nice way to relax. There is something about a new box of crayons. The smell, the sharp points, the colors all stacked neatly in the box. After I left teaching I used to feel a tug in my heart every time I saw crayons or markers at the store. That new box of crayons that you gave the receptionist had so much meaning and love. What a wonderful story.

  6. One of my friends gave me a "chemo kit." It contained a huge box of crayolas, gel pens, colored pencils and markers and five adult coloring books. I am enjoying this so much......and it IS a meditation of sorts. I get lost in the colors and decisions of what color to be put where...and then I find myself lost in memories, too.

  7. Really touching.
    So glad you gave her what she craved.
    Yes, Josie. The little things make the big things in life.

  8. Josie, you are amazing! How wonderful that you gave this woman something she needed for so long. Just beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen a coloring book for adults. I am going to look for one and I'll get some new crayons, too.

  9. That is such a sweet gesture on your part. No matter how little things may appear but they can act as a nail in heart.
    A query ' how is an adult colouring book different?' I know it may sound silly but have not seen one so...

  10. How thoughtful of you.


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