A to Z - Wrap Up
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It's a wrap.  Another year of the A-Z Blogging Challenge is over and done.  I feel good about finishing it and finding enough alphabetical reasons to smile to meet my self-imposed quota each day.  Papa Bear enjoyed offering suggestions (liver for L?? :-) and serving as proof-reader. 

My biggest frustration once again, and always these days, is the lack of time to read and comment on very many posts or respond to comments on my own posts.  I never seem to be able to cover all the bases in blogging or in life in view of work days that take up ten hours a day including travel, and leave me mentally and physically worn down.  I long to do more writing, and reading and commenting, and to have the energy to follow thru with the creative writing ideas that float around in my head.  I keep telling myself maybe someday, maybe someday.

 For now, I do what I can and will make another attempt to find some balance, so that I can do a bit more of the things I want to do and enjoy.  I suspect that in the end we all die wishing we would have done more.

I find myself wondering if it would be more fun to take a writing sabbatical during the A to Z next year,  and instead spend my time enjoying and responding to the contributions of others. I might do that. :-)


  1. But then we would miss your uplifting encouraging thoughts. I know how it is with demands that we really have little control over. One day you will have more time and it still won't be enough. I can personally attest to that.

  2. It's sad that work is keeping you that tied up. When life becomes almost nothing but work, even if it is work you love, it becomes very draining.

  3. I thought that exact thing! Great minds....she said humbly.


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