A Star

She was, by all accounts a star, a smashing success... a world-renowned actress wealthy beyond her wildest dreams.  But it didn't come easy.  Everyone wanted to be near her now, but she wondered where they'd been when she was young and struggling, dealing with rejection after rejection, living in a one room apartment with rats in the walls.  She hadn't given up though, she knew she had a gift, a talent for taking on roles - climbing into the mindset of someone else and becoming that person before the camera. 

She smiled, thinking of all the times someone had told her that she'd never make it. It hurt.  Sometimes the cruelty of her profession had taken her breath away, but in the end she had proven them wrong.  She had a plan... now that she was rich and famous she was going to reach down, pick a handful of young people who showed the same promise and determination she started out with and mentor them so just maybe the path wouldn't be quite as rocky for them as it had been for her.

 I like to think that, for that reason alone, her star shined just a little brighter than the others.

I'm linking up with Patricia's blog hop In Other Words
 where the creative writing prompt this week is the following quotation:
"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."
- Winston Churchill



  1. I bet her star was dazzling! Generosity of spirit is too often missing in the successful. Or maybe the generous are more humble and we don't hear about them as often as "big deals". Your star is not only dazzling she is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story. As usual uplifting and positive.

    1. I agree with you Patricia, most often the people we think of as "successful" are self-centered and self-indulgent. It is refreshing to think of someone who has accomplished much and turns back to help those who follow in her footsteps. Maybe you are right, that we just don't often hear about them because the shun the spotlight for their efforts.

  2. Nice job with this story, Josie. Enjoyed it.

  3. It's nice to hear of someone who climbs the ladder and then doesn't use it to stomp others down below.

    1. Indeed it is, Mimi, let's hope that others are inspired to do the same. We should always reach down to help each others up!


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