A Little Cat Therapy Please

I suppose some would think it strange, but when I am at work or away for the day, I am always eager to return home and settle in to the loveseat with our furkids.  This evening as I write, all five are gathered around us - Toby on the end table beside me, Tiggy on the small table that is between our two reclining seats, Sophie on her window seat behind me, Gracie up on the back of the recliner, and our newest addition, little Mojo, stretched out snoozing on Papa Bear's lap.  I can reach out and pet each one of them from where I sit... we're family, and it feels good! 

I am always amazed that cats prefer to be close to their humans. They will follow us around the house from room to room, climb to high spots to observe what we are doing, vie for lap space, watch for our return from the windows.  They stand ready to greet us when we enter the room or come thru the door at night, eager for a kind word and a gentle hand.  While their greetings may not be the exuberant displays of emotion one might garner from a dog, cats offer sweet meows and head bumps. They wind themselves around your legs and, and turn belly up for rubbing.  It's clear that we are important to them, and most certainly they are to us.

For me, cats are a model of relaxation and tranquility.  The rumbling of a purring cat as it rests against my shoulder, or drapes itself across my body while it naps, is incredibly soothing.  I am envious of their extreme flexibility and their ability to fall asleep any time, any place, in an endless variety of contorted positions.  Cats are masters at taking life on their own terms, and doing as they darn well please. They understand that mini-breaks from life are healthy and watching birds out the window is a great way to spend the day.  In my next life, I really want to be a much-loved and spoiled cat!

I'm linking up with Patricia's blog hop In Other Words
 where the creative writing prompt this week is the following quotation:
"You cannot look at a sleeping cat and feel tense"
- Jane Pauley



  1. Looking out of the window and watching birds all day sounds like my idea of a well spent day too. Although I'd like to think if I came back as a cat I wouldn't be so rude as to knock stuff off of my owners desk at a quarter to the alarm going off.

  2. I know just what you mean about wanting to see the catkids. When I get home the first thing I do is pet the kids and tell them about my day and ask about theirs. And they do like to stay close by. They follow me around from room to room. If I could be guaranteed that I would be a spoiled loved homebody cat I would consider being a cat.

    Lovely post about your catkids. Thanks for being a part of In Other Words.

  3. It is great you receive so much comfort and companionship from cats.

  4. There are many in bloggerland who have pets, and you all seem to really enjoy them. I'm not drawn to cats, but prefer my dogs. Great post for those who share your love of cats!

  5. Such a picture of peace and enjoyment of your home and fur family!

  6. cats are wonderful aren't they!


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