What Is Success

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We hear so much talk about "success" and "successful" people, and I find myself pondering exactly what that means.  In newsworthy terms it usually refers to someone who has a successful career defined by how much money, power, or fame they have managed to acquire, and yet we often discover that deep down they are not happy people who are at peace with themselves.  So are they really successful at life?  We also know that fame can be fleeting, the power structure can change overnight, and wealth can evaporate quickly.  If you attain these things and then loose them, does that make you a failure?  Are you less of a failure if you've tried and failed than if you've never tried at all? 

Some people feel that they are total failure at life on all fronts, and to me that is tragic.  Maybe we need to redefine the way we evaluate our lives and what is important.  Just as the quote below says, "The only thing that really counts is to never, ever give up." For me, if you get up each morning with even a tiny bit of hope, determined to take on another day and see what you can make of it you are a success.  If you take steps to better yourself in even one small way you are a success.  If do anything to ease or brighten the life of another you are a success.  While it's good to set goals and experience the joy of achieving them, life in itself is more than a high bar to reach or some status to attain.  It's about the experience... the mystery... the journey itself!  Success just might be learning to appreciate what each day brings us, the lessons we learn, the people we encounter, and most importantly, to end each day being at peace with ourselves and our lives. 
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"Success is never permanent.  Failures are never final.
The only thing that counts is to never, ever give up"
- Author Unknown



  1. When I was younger, I equated success with value. Now I see that one has little to do with the other. I know many successful people who are without value and many people who posses great values but have not had traditional success in life.

  2. I'm coming back to read a second time...I'll comment then. XOXO

  3. You are so right, Josie. True success begins within and radiates outward. Being at peace with who we are is often a hard fought battle that is so worth the effort, Not just personally but also for what we bring to others in our life. As usual a very wise essay from you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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