Thankful Always

Fannie didn't understand.  "Mama, why are you always saying to be thankful for our blessings when it seems like bad things just keep happening to our family?"
Fannie's mother understood too well what Fannie was getting at. The last couple years had been so hard. First her husband had gotten injured while felling trees  and was laid up for months, putting them in in serious financial straights, then their old car was hit by a drunk driver. They escaped unhurt, but the car wasn't so lucky.  The latest blow came  when the bank foreclosed on their house and they had to move to a small apartment, since it was all that they could afford that was near enough to school and where her mother could walk to work.
Wiping her hands on her apron, Fannie's mother turned to her, place her strong hands on Fannie's shoulders, and looked intently into her eyes.  "My Dear Girl," she began. "It's true that we've gone through some rough times lately, but you're only focusing on those things.  You have to look a little harder, Fannie, see the good things God has done.  When your Dad got hurt and couldn't work the neighbors helped us out with food. When that drunk man hit our car God surrounded us with angels and we walked away without a scratch. That man made it home safe to his family too, and maybe he learned a good lesson.  I know it wasn't easy for you losing our house either, but we're just as happy here in our little apartment, and look at the new friends that you've made in our neighborhood.  Your Dad is getting stronger and soon will be back to working his old job, and we'll have better times then, Fannie, you just watch and see.  But what matters isn't what happens to us, is that our love stays strong, and that we know God is going to see us through it, and He always does.  That's what we have to be thankful for!"
Fannie nodded slowly, understanding what her Mom was saying.  She wrapped her arms around her mother in a tight hug, and said "I love you Mama, the thing I am most thankful for is you!"
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"Gratitude is the attitude that sets the altitude of life."
- Author Unknown



  1. No matter what happens to you, hang on to the most important thing, love.

  2. A sweet story with so much truth in it. The bad things are so much louder than the blessings that whisper. But quiet is where strength is found. Fannie has a very wise mama and because she listens and hears her mama's words she is on her way to being a wise woman herself. Love is an attitude of the highest altitude. Thanks for joining In Other Words, Josie, always a pleasure to read your words.


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