More Than Enough

It seems to be true for the most part, that no matter how much some people have they still want more.  They never reach the point of believing that they have enough.  While we would probably all like to have unlimited funds that would allow us to do anything we want or need and travel anywhere we like, there comes a point where we must make peace with having sufficient resources  to meet our needs and allow us a little extra for fun and emergencies.  If you have that, then you truly have enough. 

As the quote above says, gratitude is the key to unlocking the knowledge of abundance and what it means. My life is richly abundant in blessings, despite the day to day struggles and frustrations I have, and some of my family members are experiencing.  We all have adequate food, clothing and shelter.  We all have jobs that are relatively adequate to meet our needs.  We all have access to medical care at  least at some level.  We have enough for a few splurges, trips and the care and feeding of pets.  We have SO MUCH MORE than so many who struggle for the very basics of survival. 

Having enough is not just about finances either, it's about realizing that your life is enough - that you are blessed beyond measure.  Because I have Papa Bear and my family, I have love.  And if I have that, I will always have enough, no matter what my bank account balance is.  Life becomes so much nicer when we reach the point of realizing we do not need to acquire more stuff to be happy. Trust me, we have enough, in fact we have an abundance, enough for ourselves with plenty left over to share!
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"Abundance is, in large part, an attitude."
- Sue Patten Thoele



  1. Nice reflection on the quote, Josie. Thanks for sharing our thoughts.

  2. You have found the secret to contentment. Never being happy with what we have makes us cranky and unpleasant. It is fine to want more and to work for more when we remember love is what is most important. Thanks for sharing your insights, Josie.


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