A to Z Reasons to Smile - "V"

Each day this month I'll be sharing a list of things corresponding to the alphabet letter of the day that encourage and uplift me, the little things that make smile. I hope you'll join me, and maybe add some of your own in the comments! 
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"V" Things That Make Me Smile... 

Violets - Born in February, violets are my birth flower, and I have loved them always, especially the very tiny ones like those pictured above.  Violets grew beneath the row of hedges that bordered the sidewalk of the school I attended, and I used to think of them as tiny hidden fairy flowers just waiting for me to find them!

Voices of My Children - To a mother's heart, there is nothing in the world sweeter than the voices of her children, whether they are small or grown.  Nowadays it's mostly by telephone, but I can feel the smile spreading across my face as soon as the call comes in and I hear my son or daughter on the line. On the rare times we are together, their shared banter and laughter is precious music to my ears.

Vernal Equinox - The official First Day of Spring, usually falling on March 21st. One of two times during the year that the length of daylight and night are equal - hence equinox. I celebrate the season markers and we all look forward to Spring and the renewal of life!

Vanilla Candles - There are very few scents my allergies will allow me to enjoy without causing headaches and an irritated throat.  Vanilla is somehow soft enough that I can tolerate it if used gently, and it smells so wonderful!

Velveteen Rabbit - Do you remember the children's story "The Velveteen Rabbit"?  It has a sweet lesson about life and being loved that adults can also appreciate.  It's one of my favorite children's books.

Volkswagen Vans - Once in a while I'll see an old Volkswagen van on the road, and they always make me smile - bringing back memories of the old Hippie vans painted with peace signs and flowers.  Those were the days my friend. :-)

Valentines Day - Some people think that Valentines Day is for lovers only, and feel left-out if they don't have a special someone with which to celebrate the day.  I don't see it that way, I think it should be a day to celebrate all kinds of love, and to exchange greetings and signs of affection with anyone and everyone who is special in your life!

Vacations - Ok, show of hands here... is there anyone who doesn't smile at the thought of taking a vacation?  For me it can be something as simple as a weekend in the mountains, or a cabin at lake, but of course my favorite vacation spot is near the ocean beach.  I love road trip vacations best, but destination trips that require flying can be pretty amazing too.  We wish we could travel more, maybe someday.

Vegetable Beef Soup - The best very best comfort food on cold winter days!  How well I remember coming home to find Mom's vegetable beef soup simmering on the stove, so much of the food we love is tied up with good memories.

Visits - I have at times been accused of visiting too much with people who come into our law firm seeking our services.  The idea is to hurry them along so that we can be productive, sigh.  I agree that we can't spend hours chatting, but I feel like the short amount of time that it takes me to connect with someone while obtaining their Intake information, to help them feel comfortable and like they can trust me to understand and relay their issues, is well worth it.  In truth, I think we all need to take more time to actually sit down and visit with our family members, friends, and the people who come and go in our daily lives.  We all crave that interaction, there is so very much we can learn and share. I always feel so good after I have taken the time to have a real conversation with someone, I feel that for that short while our souls connected.
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  1. My children think i am crazy because of my (over)reaction every time i see a VW Van on the road!


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