A to Z Reasons to Smile - "N"

Each day this month I'll be sharing a list of things corresponding to the alphabet letter of the day that encourage and uplift me, the little things that make smile. I hope you'll join me, and maybe add some of your own in the comments! 
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"N" Things That Make Me Smile... 

Neon Signs - Classic neon signs were beautiful works of art. They graced motels, caf├ęs, gas stations and the local bar.  There are still some to be seen if you are out and about at night, relics of another time.

Nature Walks - It's a proven fact that taking regular walks outdoors in nature improves not only physical health but also emotional wellbeing.  I think anyone who takes nature walks, even short ones, can attest to this. If you can drag yourself out the door, you will come home feeling better about life, and your soul will feel more at peace.

Needlework- I know how to knit, crochet, embroider, and cross-stitch, and I've done a little bit of crewel, candlewicking, and rug looping.  I love creating with all the beautiful colors and shades of yarn and thread!

Nut Bread - Be it banana nut, cranberry nut, date nut, apricot nut, raisin nut, or avocado nut bread - it's all delicious, and even more so warm from the oven with butter spread on it!

Nail Art - I love beautifully hand-painted fingernails!  I used to have mine done twice a month, but have since abandoned that in favor of other financial needs. My favorite design? Royal purple nails with flowers painted to resemble those you might find on a piece of fine china!  I love gold and silver sparkle highlights too.  One can never have too much sparkle! :-)

Nextflix - Movie watching simplified, whether you subscribe to watch downloads or receive overnight DVD's by mail, it's easy and inexpensive, and means you can have that popcorn in your pjs at home!  We try to always have a couple new movies on hand for the weekend.

Natural Beauty - Although I've always preferred it, the older I get the more I appreciate women who are comfortable in their own skin, aging gracefully and naturally without resorting to coal black hair dye or Botox, or mini-skirts riding high on wrinkly thighs.  Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, all colors and conditions, and to my way of thinking God's gentle touch is so much nicer than our heavy-handed attempts to improve on our looks.  A little goes a long, long way!

Naps - Ahh, the luxury of babies and us oldies!  There is nothing more refreshing than a nice after-lunch nap, and I think it would be oh so nice if we could have a nap room at work!  There are actually Asian countries where such accommodations exist for power naps. But I'm talking more about the luxurious kind where you wake up when you are recharged and ready for more activities or a.pleasant evening shared.  I love mornings and evenings, warm afternoons not so much.

Nightlights - From the hallway or bathroom plastic plug-ins to the incredibly beautiful ones available today (check out Ibis and Orchid Designs at ).  Nightlight offer a bit of comfort and security in that they chase away the shadows and help us navigate dark hallways without tripping over wayward cats. :-)

Namaste - The definition of Namaste (pronounced Na-ma-stay) is both a physical gesture and a spoken spiritual salutation, which is the recognition of the divine spirit (or soul) in another by the divine spirit in you.  It is a peaceful, loving greeting that acknowledges our oneness. I wish that it was used universally.
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  1. Love your letter N! I agree with most of your things that make you smile, except for nail art. My poor nails are too short to do much with! Namaste to you.

  2. Love your letter N! I agree with most of your things that make you smile, except for nail art. My poor nails are too short to do much with! Namaste to you.

  3. what about "No", we need it often

  4. I bow to the divine in you. Namaste my friend!
    That would be lovely as a comment all on its own but I must know... is there such a thing as avocado nut bread?

  5. how did I miss this? I just googled it two of my favorite things I'm going to the store to get buttermilk

  6. Another great post. Nut bread banana bread is one of my favorites. I still take naps need to with my little guy keeps me busy. We use are nightlight when my step daughter is here with us. Looking forward to the o post. Have a good day.

  7. I have to have nuts in all those fruit breads, Josie. And a short nap in the afternoon is very stimulating!

  8. Nature -- there's nothing like being out there in creation to have quiet time alone.

  9. A great selection of "N" things.
    I like cool Neon Signs, Nature Walks, Nut Bread (not banana though)
    Natural Beauty, I haven't worn make-up in years and don't very often dye my hair and when I do it's my natural color.
    I can sew, knit or crochet so Needlework isn't one of my talents either.
    Oh and Yes to Naps!


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