A to Z Reasons to Smile - "W"

Each day this month I'll be sharing a list of things corresponding to the alphabet letter of the day that encourage and uplift me, the little things that make smile. I hope you'll join me, and maybe add some of your own in the comments! 

"W" Things That Make Me Smile... 

Waffles - Papa Bear and I both prefer waffles to pancakes, and we have them on Sunday mornings fairly often.  My son gave us a Texas-shaped waffle maker for Christmas a couple years ago - fun! :-) There are all kinds of other things you can make with a waffle iron too - Google it!

Wind Chimes - When I was young my father went on a business trip and brought back something for each of us. My gift was some beautiful glass wind chimes that tinkles as the breeze blew through my bedroom window.  I've been in love with wind chimes ever since, though we need ones that are a bit sturdier here, as the "breeze" often blows across the deck at 20-30 miles an hour, sometimes more!

Wi-Fi - How sweet it is when we can find free Wi-Fi while traveling!  I have my own portable hotspot too, and of course our iPhones can also be used as hotspots for our other devices. 

Whale Songs - While not really songs in the traditional sense, the sounds these amazing mammals make are hauntingly beautiful when recorded underwater.  You can find all kinds of recordings of "whale songs" on the Internet, and each species of whale has their own particular sounds.

Wildflowers - Papa Bear often surprises me with a handful of wildflowers he has found in the yard, or on the way home.  One time he collected a little bouquet for me of several different kinds while we were walking in the Lincoln National Forrest near Ruidoso, New Mexico.  Sweet memories!

Wild Turkey American Honey - Drinking alcohol is something we do rarely anymore, but I absolutely love Wild Turkey American Honey bourbon - so smooth and sweet, and best served ice cold!  We keep a bottle in the fridge, purely for medicinal purposes - I have been known to develop a slight cough at bedtime on occasion. ;-)

Words With Friends - Yes, it's a great time-sink, but it's also great brain exercise and I never tire of playing with an assortment of friends, some of whom kick my butt on a regular basis but I keep trying!  It's also really good for a one-minute work break when I'm feeling over-stressed.  Sudoku is the other brain-exercise game on my phone and tablet, and I have to admit that I enjoy Dice with Buddies (generic Yahtzee) and am still looking for more partners to play with. It takes no skill at all, and is a great pass time at night when I am too tired to think.  I am not one to just sit still while watching TV with Papa Bear, have to do something with my hands.

Waterfalls - From the tiniest falls tumbling over rocks at the head of a stream, to the huge beauties found at Niagara Falls and on even grander scales throughout the world... there is nothing quite as awe-inspiring to witness, and to experience the mighty thunder of roaring water!

White Christmas - Being raised in South Dakota where winter always meant snow and lots of it in the old days, the hardest thing for me about Christmas in the Southwest is the usual lack of snow, though it has happened a few times and it's pure magic when it does!  It will never seem quite right to be walking outside in just shirtsleeves or a sweater, and Christmas lights don't sparkle quite the same without snow.  My ideal winter would last from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day each year, and the rest of the year would be 72-75 degrees... it's fun to imagine how nice that would be!

Wisdom - Wisdom is defined as having knowledge, experience and good judgment. I've managed to acquire a little in my old age through years of being foolish and experiencing the consequences. Sometimes that's the best way to learn a lesson, especially if you have a rock-hard head! :-) Wisdom isn't just about knowing, it's about what you do with what you know, how you manifest it in your life. I smile when I meet someone who has acquired some wisdom along the way and enjoys sharing those stories!  Everyone has their story... take time to listen and you just might gain a little wisdom too!
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  1. I'm picking waterfalls as one I can really relate to. Beth posts lots of pictures of waterfalls, and I just love them. I can almost hear the water running down. Have a good week!

  2. Oh how I love to hear water rushing over rocks, especially when those rocks create a waterfall. I never tire of them.

  3. You miss wifi when you don't have it, that's for sure. The power is out down here because of the storms, and i'm at a local coffee place taking advantage of theirs.

    Visiting waterfalls is a big thing for me, we don't have those here in the swamps.


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