A to Z Reasons to Smile - "S"

Each day this month I'll be sharing a list of things corresponding to the alphabet letter of the day that encourage and uplift me, the little things that make smile. I hope you'll join me, and maybe add some of your own in the comments! 
"S" Things That Make Me Smile... 

Son - My amazing son, Ian!  He's an air traffic controller for the Dept. of Defense, but to me he's still that sweet little boy with the huge loving heart for his Mom.  I am so very proud of the man he's become!

Sanctuaries - I love beautiful churches - from small rural structures to large cathedrals, they are places of peace, meditation and worship, and one can always sense the Spirit that dwells within.

Sparkly Things - I have a penchant for brightly colored sparkly things, something about sparkles makes me smile.  Must be my childlike mind. :-)

Sophie - The beloved matriarch of our kitty clan.  Sweetest little kitty God ever made!  I wish we could clone her.  A rescue kitty with some  Maine Coon blood, she's a beauty... see her picture over there in the sidebar!

Sushi- My daughter introduced me to sushi and I love it! Papa Bear shakes his head and calls it "bait" :-)

Sunrise & Sunset- The most beautiful times of the day here, with our wide open spaces and the sky painted in brilliant colors - God' masterpieces!

Sisters - I am the middle child with an older sister and a younger one.  They both live in the Midwest so I rarely get to see them but we text back and forth each day and have gotten a lot closer than we used to be.  Sisters are good to share with!

Seashells - Searching the beach for tiny treasures - great fun and great exercise with all that bending and stretching to pick up shells.  We look so cute walking along the shore with our yellow plastic buckets like a couple of little kids :-)

Stars - Is there anything more magical than twinkling stars in the inky black night sky?  I like to believe that they are windows where the souls of those we love can look down on us and we can gaze up at them.  <3

Silence - To some it may be strange or uncomfortable, but to me silence is the beautiful absence of noise that heals my spirit after a day or week of non-stop ringing phones and dealing with people. When I am home alone I most often sit in silence, it is even more soothing to my soul than music.
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  1. Sons are so special!

    The prettiest little sanctuary i ever saw was in a hay field in Italy. It was a tiny chapel that held no more than 8 people plus a priest, meant for the family who had owned the land long ago.

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