A to Z Reasons to Smile - "Q"

Each day this month I'll be sharing a list of things corresponding to the alphabet letter of the day that encourage and uplift me, the little things that make smile. I hope you'll join me, and maybe add some of your own in the comments! 
"Q" Things That Make Me Smile... 

Quartz - Quartz crystals are beautiful!  You can see the white quartz crystals in the wide band of this geode Papa Bear gave me, as well as in the center cavity. They look  very much like ice crystals on a window pane.

Quesadillas - Two flour tortillas with a layer of shredded cheese between them, then grilled on both sides until the cheese is melted and the tortillas are slightly crispy.  Many people add chopped green chilies too.  The lunch variety often includes shredded chicken or beef.  No matter which way you like them, they make an awesome snack - even better when served up with guacamole or sour cream!

Quotations - It's not secret that I love quotations. If you have the misfortune of being one of my Facebook friends, you'll soon discover that I post several each day to my personal page and others to my Josie Two Shoes page.  I share quotations that inspire and encourage me in hopes that they might do the same for someone else.

Quail - Common birds in these parts, they tend to spend a great deal of time on the ground foraging for food.  It's not at all uncommon to see a family of quail trailing across the yard with little chicks bringing up the rear.  So very cute!

Quillwork - I have a few pieces of beautiful quillwork jewelry given to me Lakota friends. The detail is amazing, and the fact that they were made for me makes them extra precious.  I have seen some amazing quillwork moccasins and regalia worn when attending "pow-wows".

Quality - It seems that in today's world quality is becoming  less common when it comes to customer service or goods purchased.  Corners are cut to do things quickly and inexpensively, and too often quality is sacrificed.  I would much rather pay a little more for something better, and I expect quality service or I'll most definitely speak to a manager.  I think it's equally important to speak up when we are pleased with the quality of goods or services, support doing it the right way!

Quarters - Not worth a great deal on their own anymore, though at one time they were.  When my some was just two years old he knew it took two "big nickels" (quarters) to get a Coke from the vending machine in our apartment complex. :-)  I've found that tossing all your quarters in a jar at the end of each day will count up to a considerable amount of change in a year... then use it for something fun! :-)

Quilts - I have four quilts that are very precious to me, as each was made for me as a gift. The very best one of all was done by the first and second graders at Red Cloud who traced their hands on squares of cloth and then decorated them with fabric paints and added their names. The teachers sewed them together and made the quilt.  Those children are now reaching 20 years old, and I have a keepsake that reminds me of when they were so very small! <3

Questions - Some people find asking questions annoying, others feel intimidated or get angry, perhaps because they are unsure of the answer or feel uncomfortable admitting they don't know. I see it differently - to me questions are a way of learning about life and about each other, if don't with tact, respect and caring, questions can help one understand. I love asking questions, and ran a whole series of interviews with other bloggers a few years back, it was great fun!   I do most of the intake interviews for our clients, either by phone or in person, and it takes a lot of questions to understand their issues and concerns.  I work hard at making them feel comfortable so they won't be intimidated by what I ask.

Quiet - Blessed quiet, how I've come to cherish it at the end of yet another noisy day of non-stop phones and interruptions!  When I am home alone the house will most likely be silent except for the sound of purring cats and the clicking of keyboard keys. :-)  It's important that we take time to listen to our inner voice for direction, and this cannot happen if we are bombarding our ears with noise!
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  1. Stopping in from A-Z. I also smile at a lot of your Q things. Loved the way you did your post.

  2. There is nothing unfortunate about being FB friends with you. You find some wonderful quotes.
    What a wonderful gift from the kids! Quilts are special. I took a quilting (by hand!) class when pregnant with our oldest and made a baby blanket. It gave me a whole new appreciation for quilt makers and the gifts they give. A lot of love goes into those blankets.

  3. So easy to read and tranquillizing on the mind, thanks for the Q entertainment!

  4. Hi, Josie....just had quail a few days ago and a nice restaurant, stuffed with rice, and it was really delicious!

  5. Before she died, Sweetie's mother took all of her clothing, knowing she wasn't going to need it long, and cut it all into quilt squares and sewed them together, making the fronts of the quilts. After she died, his sister had someone take them and finish them into quilts, one for each of the three children. Sweetie's is cherished indeed.

  6. Quotations and quiet time are things I enjoy too.


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