A to Z Reasons to Smile - "P"

Each day this month I'll be sharing a list of things corresponding to the alphabet letter of the day that encourage and uplift me, the little things that make smile. I hope you'll join me, and maybe add some of your own in the comments! 
"P" Things That Make Me Smile... 

Papa Bear - I think you all knew that my most favorite p-word could be none other than my most favorite person in the whole world - my beloved husband Papa Bear!  Some of you may remember that I had "Papa Bear" tattooed on my wrist for my 60th birthday. I am that certain that the love we share is an eternal bond. <3

Prayer  - Definitely the most important thing on this list, not only prayer, but the power of prayer. It isn't so important that we understand exactly what it is or how it works, but that we believe it does!  Time and time again I've seen miracles big and small happen because a few people offered prayers. That doesn't mean we always get what we pray for, more often than not I am praying for God's divine intervention and His will to be done, because He sees the big picture, and He loves each and person and creature more than we could ever know.

Purple - My most favorite color, it's also the color of my birthstone! The cover for the Surface tablet I am writing on is purple , and my mouse is purple too. :-)  I love all things purple, and I've learned that I am not alone in that.  In fact there is an entire catalog devoted to things you can purchase in purple -

Pistachio Ice Cream - My friend Ivy encouraged me to try pistachio ice cream last year because it's her favorite.  Thanks to her, I am now hooked on it too - and that's surprising since I am a lover of all things chocolate, including chocolate ice cream.  This is even better - trust me - try it!!

Photographs - Photos definitely have the power to make me smile, they capture our best moments and turn them into memories!  I love our ability to share photos instantly with our cell phones and tablets now, and I often think of how much my mother would have loved the ability to exchange photo messages each day.

Peace - Peace begins within.  We have to find a place for it in our own souls, and our own lives and relationships before we can hope to achieve peace in the world.  I believe peace is possible, I believe that it is our deepest desire.  Imagine what could be accomplished if we all worked together for the common good!

Pope Francis - Although I am not a Catholic, I truly believe that Pope Francis is a humble and devoted servant of God.  I love not only what he says, but the way he conducts his own life as an example that all can follow.

Post-It Notes - These colorful little squares of sticky paper are lifesavers, having a poor memory and so many things to keep track of at work!  Various sizes adorn my desk and credenza, my computer monitor and sometimes my phone! :-)

Penguins - Penguins just make me smile in their tuxedo suits and funny manner of walking. If you've ever watched a video of the baby penguins sliding and playing on the ice just like human children, you'd be in love with them too!

Perseverance - Persevere is a directive that was revealed to me nearly forty years and, has served well all the years since.  For many of us, life has been all about persevering - about hanging in there when things get tough, enduring the struggles, and putting one foot in front of each other with the clear intent to survive.  I believe that we are each given the inner strength we need to persevere when it is required, even if we don't feel confident that we can.  Hold tight, hang strong, persevere!  Remain fierce in the belief that life brings twists and turns, and good will come around once again!
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  1. How did I know Papa Bear would be at the top of your list? You two are a magical merging of kindred spirits. I am glad to have met you both.

  2. Another beautiful list, and thank you for the link to the Purple Store, i'd never seen it!

  3. Visiting from A/Z. I liked your list of P words, especially the power of prayer, I believe that too!



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