A to Z Reasons to Smile - "K"

Each day this month I'll be sharing a list of things corresponding to the alphabet letter of the day that encourage and uplift me, the little things that make smile. I hope you'll join me, and maybe add some of your own in the comments! 
~Photo Credit - Papa Bear ~
"K" Things That Make Me Smile...
Kittens - Yes, I know, I listed cats under "C", but kittens are a whole other level of cuteness! This is a photo of Tiggy and Gracie's litter on the day they were born.  The little orange and dark rumps on the right belong to them. Daisy was such a proud first-time Mama!  How can one not smile in the face of these sweet little bundles of fur?

Kisses - Who doesn't love kisses, be they romantic, from your children, or from your fur kids?  Hershey's Kisses are pretty awesome too!

Kaftans - I've been wearing kaftans for leisure wear at home since I was in high school. I love the flowing, cool, comfort and would happily wear them to work if I could get away with it!

Koalas - Almost as cute as kittens!  I've read they might not be quite as sweet and cuddly as they appear,  but wow... the are adorable! 

Karma - Why does karma make me smile?  Just the thought that people really do reap what they sew in life sits fine with me. Not to say I haven't earned plenty of bad karma myself. But we all know some folks that we truly hope will get a taste of the suffering they've inflicted on others in this lifetime.

Kiwis - Luscious little fuzzy fruits with green insides that are so sweet and delicious! I love them in fruit salad and as one of the colorful toppings on fruit pizza!

Kaleidoscopes - Kaleidoscopes have delighted me since I was first given the dime store variety as a child. Those tumbling colored chips that formed lovely  patterns when held up to the light and turned were so fascinating!  More expensive glass lens models can be breathtakingly beautiful!  I now find myself entranced by fractals, which have much the same visual effect with brilliant colored patterns!

Kindle - What an ingenious idea to make reading digital books so user friendly!  Whoever would have thought that one day we could tote dozens of books with us everywhere  on our phones or tablets and read them on our Kindle reader apps or devices?  Love it!!

Kites - Another fun thing that harks back to the simple joys of childhood.  Papa Bear remembers making paper kites by hand.  My sisters and I got the dime store variety that cost less than a quarter.  As my own children grew up, it seemed to be a tradition for them to feed at least one to the tree tops every Spring, where it would hang for a few weeks making us laugh as we drove by until strong breezes finally released it from captivity.  Kites sailing high in the sky are so beautiful!

Kindness - This is a key word when it comes to essentials of how one should conduct their life. It's such a simple thing - to be kind, and yet it seems so difficult for many people to function in that realm.  That truly puzzles and saddens me, and makes my resolve all the firmer to learn to practice kindness toward all living beings without judgment or reservation.  Any act of kindness given or received makes me smile!
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  1. Loved your list of "K" items this morning, Josie. The kittens are very cute, and I posted a pic of my collection of Kaleidoscopes recently. Love them just like you!

  2. Kittens. That has got to be one of the best k-words ever. What a great picture! I also blogged a bit about kites and have read one Karma blog already. Probably not the last.

  3. Kittens and Koalas are so cute. Kisses are always welcome. I like Kiwis too. Truly the Kindle is one of the best inventions of modern technology.

  4. Kittens are wonderful, as are all of your K words.

  5. Karma, Kindle and Hershey's kisses (the other kind are good, too). I am entralled by Kaleidoscopes.

  6. Your blog is brown on my phone but blue on my computer. No point, just thought it was odd.

    I loved your list, and laughed when I saw we had a few of the same.

    Kittens, if they could invent a cat that stayed kitten size, with the oversized heads and way too much fur, I'd have 100 of them.

    Kindness, sometimes what seems cruel is kind. Sometimes the greatest kindness you can pay someone is a harsh dose of reality.


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